Why is the Music section of the forum so low in profile

Music is what makes us use Roon, why is the Music section of the forum almost at the bottom of the list of categories for the forum. It’s what drives us to use Roon and buy hifi it should be more prominent in the forum.

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The “What we are listening to” thread is one of the most popular on the Roon forum. It gets renewed with a new date set each year.

Call me crazy but I still miss the old name “What are we listening to now?


Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…


Yet it’s at the bottom of the forum. Should be higher up in the hierarchy if you ask me.

From a commercial P.o.V. the hierarchy makes sense the way it is, I suppose.

On Naims forum it’s the first one. Music first business later.

Is there an official Naim forum? I thought they’d closed it down?

Yep your thinking of Linn, they closed that last year.

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Ah, right. Too many forums out there … :wink:

Yes, there was quite a bit of despair when Linn closed their forum. Some have moved across to Hi-Fi Wigwam.
I don’t know why Linn decided to close their forum, other than it was probably becoming more and more difficult to moderate.