Why is the play button on this album but not the others?

Build 571:

I can see the particular track that was played is mentioned, but I’ve just played one off the Disco Volador album and the track is not displayed (even after a refresh).


The play button is shown to denote tracks that appear in Recent Activity, and you’ll also see information about what album it came from beneath the artist’s name.

Other content (like artists and albums you’ve recently played) will simply show you the album cover or artist photo.

OK the confusion is that the user doesn’t make a distinction between a track played from an album vs. a track that is saved as a favourite. I’m struggling to find the merits of this behaviour.

Perhaps a title line like Tracks, Albums, Compostions, Radio to let the user know what was played. Not everyone has all the various iconography memorized. :smiley:

Now this is odd. The Beatles are (naturally) already a favourite artist, so why have they been added? I played a track off one of their albums (itself a favourite), which happens to be a favourite track, yet the behaviour is different to the John Williams track.

I think you might have played a track via the Artist’s “Play Now” option.

Yes, I recall clicking from “Top Tracks”. OK just need to get used to the behaviour!

Yes, I had suggested that a Title line above, might be helpful. Like: Artist Played, Track Played, Album Played, Composition Played. I don’t think many people know what visuals correspond to which Items played.

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