Why is the ROCK software image using 1.7, it won't update!

I have set up an Intel NUC with ROCK, twice now, everything is correct according to the WebUi but when connecting from any remote running 1.8 … ROCK is unable to update itself despite having a tested ethernet connection.

Have you tried reinstall from the web interface of ROCK ?


Reinstall under Operating System will install latest version of both OS and Roon Server. If not, please reach out to support.

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Yes, multiple times, the reinstall completes successfully but the version of Roon Server remains the same! Frustrating!

you don’t get an error? does it reboot?

The only error shows on the remote, ‘unable to update, try again’, reboots ok if I execute but only with the software from the original image although it says its re-installed.

i assume you havent/cant login…i can pull logs until you do.

hrm… catch-22.

anything custom on network or network settings or something that might be preventing DNS lookups?

We are having trouble reproducing this behavior.

I had our QA team install ROCK from scratch that they downloaded from our public downloads site, and it was able to reinstall latest RoonServer software without issue.

I need more information about your setup to find out what environmental things are causing your update/reinstall to fail.

Ok, if you tell me how to get logs I’ll post them for you, I don’t run any antivirus software on the network and the firewall allows anything connected by ethernet to pass through, Intel NUC 10i7FNHN, 8Gb RAM, 256Gb M2 SSD, 1Tb SSD library disc.

HDMI reports network connection on boot.