Why is the software section suddenly showing old posts?

maybe related, was just notified two of my posts from last year were edited.

And all about Tidal. Hmm

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It’s because a moderator is moving posts between categories.

The posts were originally together in Audio Gear Talk > Music Services.

However, it’s felt that because Tidal and Qobuz are integrated into Roon, the Tidal and Qobuz categories are better placed in the Roon Software Discussion category. That’s all.


This seems to happen any time a mod moves something and it makes for a confusing experience for everyone. Maybe don’t move stuff around so much unless absolutely totally necessary?

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It would be great if people would relax a little. This is simply a forum where people exchange ideas and opinions. It’s not really that important if post get moved or deleted or whatever. I doubt anything said by anyone here is so profound it really matters.

Yep, I wish there was a way of doing this without disturbing others but alas it is what it is.
Similar happens when necro topics autoclose.

Well not everyone, but I agree it’s an unfortunate side effect … and rest assured mods and admin don’t move topics around on a whim.

We recently had clarification from Roon as to where Tidal and Qobuz topics should be located, previously there were split across two categories. Now it’s clear … see below …

and now this post is showing as having been edited.

Yes, because it was moved to the correct section of the site #roon-community-site.

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