Why is there nothing on Roon website about Nucleus - is Nucleus owned by a different company

I just went to Roon labs.com - and no where on the home page is there anything about Nucleus - why? Or did i miss it - i’m trying to learn more about it - can it store music as well 2TB? or do i need to buy something else besides Nucleus - and is it a streamer, so i don’t have to buy a dac with a streamer but instead save 1K and just buy a DAC and put that towards the Nucleus - if it stores my 2TB music

Here’s something -

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Try this: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Nucleus_Manual

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i know i found that - but it’s under their blog - why is there no access or mention on the home page of their site - i assume they want to sell more rather than less?

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We will have something up in the next week or so. We’ve been bad at marketing it because it’s been mostly a dealer only product for the last year.

…But we just started selling direct via through our Amazon Prime storefront (US only), so it’s about time we get this resolved.

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I purchased my Nucleus this way. If you’re using the Amazon credit card, you get a 5% credit.

Perhaps have Amazon put it in the appropriate category, @danny. I doubt many people will choose the Nucleus when looking for a camera :wink:

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I knew it :slight_smile:


Ah, so that’s how it really looks when you unbox it! Now, how does it really sound then? Kodachrome neutral? Sepia warm? :joy:

It’s collodion :rofl:

Hm, that sounds a bit lossy to me. The Nucleus converts everything to MQA? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Supports many resolutions - from the most basic to the highest hi-res - in many different formats (gif, jpeg, png, tga and even raw to name a few). Because of it’s digital nature (it’s all just ones and zeroes) it outputs only black and white images tho. Depending on which output connector is used, the used interconnect boxes (if any) and finally the monitor that’s used to esteem the image, the result may vary more or less slightly from installation to installation.
Many users of this great camera seem to be confused about this, actually very logical when you think about it, behavior.

We are aware of the bad information and category on the Amazon entry.

One of our dealers created it… We are working on getting it back …

it’s up: https://roonlabs.com/nucleus.html


Well done and elegant!

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