Why is Tidal content failing to play? [macOS Monterey not supported yet]

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2018, 3.6 GHz Quad Core i3, OS Monterey, 8gb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Pakedge R6S Router, S8Pe gigabit unmanaged switch. Core is hardwired.

Connected Audio Devices

Rpi4 - Volumio, Topping D10s
Rpi4 - RopieeeXL, Dragonfly Cobalt
Rpi4 - RopieeeXL, Schio Modi 3
Chromecast, Bel Canto DAC3
Oppo UDP 203

Library Size

8478 albums, 99986 tracks

Description of Issue

No Tidal content will play. The signal path star simply does not indicate anything playing when song is from Tidal. If I click “next” and it is Qobuz or NAS, music will return. I’m using Tidal, Qobuz and WD NAS.
All started after most recent update.

Silly question, but have you tried removing the service and then adding it back on and enabling it?

Not silly. About 12 times.

I presume it plays if you use the Tidal app and it’s only through Roon it won’t play?

That is correct.

If you connect the Modi or Dragonfly via USB straight to you core, does it play then?

Not an option as the core runs headless in another part of the house.

Hey Rudy! See my response to a similar thread below, Monterey is not supported yet.