Why isn't DSP available to ROON Remote, or headroom management adjustment automatic?

Say, two things…

I of course use the clipping indicator when using headroom management. And I’m constantly going into this thing and trying to find a level for a song or album on 0.1db increments to find the level where it doesnt blink anymore …

Why? The software could easily adapt to the perfect level, and do it a heck of a lot quicker than me.

Not to mention the fact that I have use a computer interface to alter all dsp. Roon Remote on my phone streamed-to from a headless NUC server is happy to blink red at me. But there is no possible way for me to do anything about it without logging into a PC and connecting to it, to use the remote interface on PC which supports the dsp config panels.

There is also the use case where maybe I want to use my iSine 20 iems and need to enable the Audeze preset on an output. There are other times where say, I want to use my Ether Flow C or HiFiMan HE-1000 or other of my many headphones, so I need to disable the Audeze preset and enable my custom parametric EQ meticulously made for each headphone. … can’t do that without a PC. (Note: if I could create clones of the same output each having a unique name and dsp configuration, I’d be set)

Are there plan for these use cases above? Will I ever be able to do that from the remote on my phone and not need a UI on a computer, or RDP, to do so?


P.s. new subscriber here. Don’t get me wrong. This whole thing is remarkable and I’m a very happy customer. Year to year subscriber presently but considering a lifetime subscription. You folks are planning to stay around a few decades, and good financials to ensure you do so? :wink:

The purpose of headroom management is to compensate for what your selected DSP is doing–it should not vary from track to track. My advice: pick a number that leaves a suitable safety margin and don’t change it frequently.

It would be pretty disruptive for us to auto-adjust that value. There are several ways to do that, but none are particularly palatable. Having volume jump mid-track in reaction to clipping would be disruptive. Dynamic range compression introduces distortion. To pick the right number up front, we’d need to be able to predict the future and know what you’re going to play, or would need to process your whole library through your selected DSP each time you change a setting. None of this really works.

If you want to regularize loudness between tracks or albums, turn on volume leveling and pick a target that produces an agreeable volume level. Then set the headroom adjustment to a value that works with your volume leveling value + selected DSP to avoid clipping.

DSP Engine is not limited to computers–it’s limited to devices with sufficiently large screens to fit the user interface, so basically everything but phones and the smallest Android tablets. The majority of our users use tablets and aren’t hitting this limitation. Nonetheless, we have a redesign of those screens planned that should make it more accessible on phones, as well as a plan to make preset selection easier and more accessible.

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Note that the iPhone output supports DSP, it just doesn’t support the user interface. Make the iPhone non-private, use another device to set up its DSP settings, and all is good.

It doesn’t address frequent changes, but as @Brian suggests, normally you shouldn’t do that. Frequently changing headphones — yes, that is a challenge. You’ll need a big-screen device for that.

Presets available on phones would be great.

Interestingly the monitor connected to my NUC (only while I set it up) is 1920x1080. Roon displays the dsp window even if the roon app is not only not full screen, a window only about 1/2 width.

My phone display resolution is 2960x1440 (Note 8). Does not show the DSP window? Yep, that’s worth a revisit.


Joking aside… Great to hear something is coming. Thank you. Hope that includes not only the Audeze Plugin but custom parametric EQ too.

Just remains, the inability to turn on and off the Audeze Plugin via the phone remote is a big gap for someone like me. Without Audeze I never would have adopted your software. This is not hyperbole. I was just fine with Foobar2000 for a computer source, and Opus #1 with its ok but not parametric EQ for a portable dap or optical source to a better dac. Enter, the iSine. The iSine is fantastic. But needs equalization. And your adoption of their dsp and ability to extend that to remote outputs? … wow. But it started with that Audeze Plugin. … I’m pretty dejected I can’t turn it on and off in all remotes when I need it.

Effective resolution, not raw pixel resolution.

Your phone does not display a true 1440 x 2960. If that were its effective resolution, all icons and touch targets would be ridiculously small.


I’m aware of the dpi factor, Yep. But visually comparing the dsp window compare to the main Roon window, seems there is enough effective resolution even on my Note 3; issue is layout. I think the biggest issue in a direct port is the Portrait vs. Landscape arrangement of the UI elements. I’d be fine scrolling side to side if need be. Or I stead I certainly can rotate my tablet-like phone.