Why it's so important to be able to edit/write additional Bio's and Reviews

(chander nagor) #22

Actually, it’s the main reason why i hesitate so much to renew my subscription with Roon. I really would like to be able to choose my own reviews rather than be forced to read those terrible AMG reviews…

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #23

I would suggest that having the possibility of multiple reviews, whether user generated or licensed from a different source, would be a vast improvement. If there were more than one, the annoying reviews would feel more like opinion, on review among others, than it would fee like my playback software telling me a favorite album sucks.

I still get peeved every time I read the review for PIL, Album.


Simply the ability to copy and paste stuff from the internet or write our own notes, replacing what is already supplied or appending to it would be wonderful, and simple to implement, imho.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #25

Especially if we could embed links like the bio info has in it.

(Mac Rebant) #26

Another request right here! This would be an incredibly fun feature!

(wydi) #27

+1 sounds like fun :slight_smile:

(Charles Snider) #28

Has there been any “official” reply from Roon on this feature request?

(JohnV) #29

+1 and a (hopefully) friendly amendment. On the Performances page, add either hearting or rating of performances. More granular than hearting the composition, this new feature would allow recording at least summary judgement about a particular performance.


I would like to replace bio’s and reviews with Dutch versions. The Dutch version of Qobuz often has them. With the upcoming integration in Roon I hope to have the option to use the bio’s and reviews available in Qobuz.

As the roon interface is translated it’s only normal that users can add bio’s and reviews in their own language

(chander nagor) #31

Finally, my subscription will come to an end this 10/23/2018. It’s a shame because i loved the way Roon could use my Squeezebox/Transporter, but there are way too many other problems and requests that will never be filled or even answered, particularly this issue and by extension the lack of other sources for identification (discogs, etc.).


Not that I’ve seen.

(Daniel Beyer) #33

The devs have spoken directly about discogs and other identification sources. Searching is your friend.


I would like a field to add text about an album…or ability to edit the album review field (add a few comments). At the moment I add pictures of the key pages from the booklet.

I wish I could see some of my tag fields like “Description” and “Comments”. When I ripped CDs I put key info in those fields. I can see the fields when selecting edit.

For DELUXE Editions and other multi-disc expanded versions of album I want to know more about the bonus content.

I also like collectible CDs and audiophile CDs/SACDs/etc. Many are not in the database so Discogs will be a huge improvement, otherwise the mastering credits are not correct and that is one of the most important fields in the credits for me.

(chander nagor) #35

First post in 2015, last post in aug 2017, not a word since…

(Pat Maddox) #36

Yep this would be cool. I am trying to find the musical connection between Kool & The Gang and Chicago. I would love to have a space within Roon to write down my notes as I explore and research.

(Daniel Beyer) #37

Well, the last post said, it will take awhile, that it is a big project and that we should think in “quarters” til delivery, of which there have been 4 since that post. Since, Roon devs usually do not comment about long range roadmaps; I suspect that @mike thought it was important to let people know that it was on the roadmap even though it was on a longer horizon.

(chander nagor) #38

OK, i can understand that Discogs identification isn’t something easy and still requires some heavy changes, but what about the album reviews & bios? The underlying architectural changes required to do this doesn’t seem so big, It’s “just” another tag that we could edit, am i wrong? Are these AMG reviews such a major feature for the devs?

(Daniel Beyer) #39

I do not know the answer to your questions. If you go to thread of the post I linked, there is a much longer post earlier in the thread talking about the challenges involved.

(Charles Snider) #40

Where exactly is that post?

(Daniel Beyer) #41

My Post 31 in this thread has the link. Just scroll up about 8 posts. The link is called " Discogs data for UNKLE Sounds?"