Why I've quit Roon after a few years use

MQA is on its way out. It was doomed from the off

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… and attached to it are (almost always) support contracts. Because, in DCs, nobody really wants to fiddle and prefers RHEL or something like this. :wink:

So far i found roon is the only multi zone solution that is stable.I have been trying jriver but its unstable with dlna.

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Mike, this is a great pity, I think it is worth the time to send an email to CA lauding their kit and Roon connectivity updates and general support, but emphasising how sad it is that CXNv1 owners have been left behind and requesting a sparkling trade-in deal for a CNXv2. As I discovered with requesting Roon support for the 851N, it is no real use asking CA Support, but targeting the MD had a dramatically different outcome.

Just a thought, might be worth trying it on? Good luck.

+1 from me.

I’ve found RAAT to be by far the most stable solution. I experimented with going back to JRiver last year when I had an Internet outage. I lasted about a week and went back to using Roon.

Tony, I think Frank’s point is that Denon & Marantz products are announced as “Roon Tested”, rather than “Roon Ready”. The latter would mean that the RAAT protocol is implemented directly in the Denon & Marantz products. As I understand it, Roon is using Airplay to connect to these products instead, and this delivers basic audio streaming, but not the enhanced experience that would come with a full RAAT implementation.


Who? As far as I see it, most of them are RoonReady/RoonTested and a handful left in active development.

Most of the “big boys” have multi-year dev cycles and I’m not allowed to talk about partners in development. You are spreading FUD here… “bargepole”… HAH! Denon/Marantz is out promoting Roon as we speak! Now it’s Roon Ready + marketing promotions; what do you think comes next?

AVR and TV manufacturers are doing Airplay and Chromecast – both Roon supported. Are you really streaming DSD or more than 96/24 PCM to your AVR or TV? Anyway, the AVR guys will come on board if they care about DSD/HiRes.

Has anyone added support and then dropped it?

Do you have any evidence to back your claim? We are seeing more and more MQA support by manufacturers and more streaming music services (Xiami, Napster, others…).



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Frank said:

Words matter.

Anyway, I addressed the Roon Ready + AVR concerns 1 post up.

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That’s a sweeping statement with hundreds of releases every week

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Chrome-cast is not high-end streaming, this is low-fi at its best. I have this option via my TV which re-samples everything to 16/48.

Just by saying products are visible doesn’t make them worth using in the decent system. All qualities should be available via all the routes

MQA is mainly Meridian and TIDAL, it will go the same way as SACD. its forgone conclusion. I mean its not even lossless, why does it even exist?!

I believe your mental state of the world is stuck in the past. I’m not making a comment on whether MQA is good or bad, but it is being adopted by many manufacturers as well as many newer streaming services.


What makes the Chromecast protocol not high-end streaming. My Naim ND5 XS2 supports Chromecast and before Qobuz was native to Naim and beofre I started using Roon I would use Qobuz over Chromecast and it was in-distinguishable when comparing lossless rips at 16/44.1 at least.

Hell even the Naid ND555 supports Chromecast and you cannot get much higher end than that.

Just because it is in a lot of lo-fi gear like TV’s and set top boxes doesn’t mean the protocol is lo-fi, just widely supported.


Not in slightest, quite the opposite in fact. In asking what is planned for the future of roon and similar interfaces and audio subscriptions, how will it all come together. Currently there is a race, which is hotting up. TIDAL wont last, Qobuz has many ex TIDAL users. Qobuz dropped its price by £10 per month to compete with the rest.

Does CCA do 24/192?

It doesn’t need to do 24/192 to be high end. There’s so few recordings out there at that level it really doesn’t matter. It does however support 24/96 and that is very much in the realms of high end.

I would also argue that bit rate alone does not make something high end. 16/44.1 can sound mighty fine through a really good system regardless of how it gets there - be it from a CD player, Qobuz/Tidal or a lossless rip.


I’ll agree here, my Meridian system seems to make even low quality sources sound great. People have commented on that to me.
With the lack of live music these days I have been enjoying many of my fav artists streaming concerts from their homes. Sound quality can vary, but the best are very very enjoyable. I cast these all through Chromecast and am impressed.
Brooks Williams on Twitch last night, Lauren Housley on Facebook tonight. Two of the latest…

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OK, I missed that press release. Good to know that my fav brand has shortened the bargepole. So don’t get your knickers in a twist :wink:

Good for Roon then. More potential users is always good.

As for taking care of the existing steady paying customers, when are you going to address that awful search function?

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Or multichannel/surround.