Why I've quit Roon after a few years use

People leave for many reasons. Some after their trial period and sadly others after several years of patronage during which they have tried to shape Roon. I think (in fact I know) there is value in allowing the latter to feed back into Roon so they get an overview of the reasons people leave. The key to this is that the customer knows that they have been heard. It can be very quick, literally a two minute survey. So much quicker than having to examine an ex customers posting record here. And remember many will never post here.
In the growth phase Roon have been experiencing this may have been less important but it will become more so going forward.

You don’t get what I’m saying. That’s OK. I’m not talking about an individual customer. Roon knows what their deficits are. I’m making a point that is going over your head.

Imaginary future roon release:
DLNA/UPnP compatibility
roon had two version where DSP/room EQ becomes a plug in option as per HQ Player for example. plug in price, £2.99 per month.
roon drop the lifetime licence
roon do a monthly sub of £6.99 per account - max 5 instances.
roon add amazon HD, Spotify HD?, and any other lossless sub out there.
roon offer a 2TB cloud based storage for your personal library (£50 per year)
These lossless sub give you a £2 discount for subscribing via roon

Do you think you’d take to an online/cloud based only library and ditch your local HDD/SSDs?

Looking at that list, half of it is regressive. UPnP alienates most of the companies that have gone to the trouble of partnering with Roon. If you want to sign Roon’s death warrant, remove any hint of quality control of downstream devices and make the support function utterly chaotic.

Interesting points. I already use a cloud based solution. I upload my albums to Onedrive/Google One/Dropbox and stream using Cloudplayer on my Android devices. I did have an unlimited Dropbox account but this is another luxury which fell by the wayside due to its high 60eur per month cost.

Im muddling along with onedrive and Google one now with “only” three tb storage :slight_smile:
It’s ok like that, I put on new albums and albums i classify as good albums, which has reduced the need for full unlimited storage.

Agree that roon doesn’t need to adopt DLNA/UPnp; local networking with Roon is one of its incredibly strong features, and if and when Roon gets some kind of proper mobile solution going, it will be Roon proprietary I am sure, and equally robust and complete :slight_smile:

Personally i feel RAAT is the software’s biggest hurdle against its popularity … theirs billions of devices out here that use DLNA, imagine the audience roon would be able to advertise too!!


You will upset @danny

Roon have repeatedly said an absolute no to DNLA they will never backtrack

That’s me saying sat with a CXN doorstop that only works with Roon on Airplay :shushing_face:

I went through similar deliberations as @Sallah_48, a year or so ago

Rather than spam this forum I wrote my thoughts to Roon explaining why I would not be renewing , I was asked to post my thoughts on the forum rather than to do it privately

I eventually did renew and am now in my third year.

Roon has a lot going for it but I still find my “Love Hate Relationship” going.

It must be me as when I was still actively developing I had the same relationship with #Resharper , a C# Tool. Can’t live with it can’t live without it

In my personal case its not about money R2000 a year is a fair sum but not if I derive pleasure from it. I am beyond the massive Big Bucks Hi Fi systems these days so what I spend on subs is not even a fraction of a new amp etc

My grouse is frustration , I turn Roon off , no sooner I do it I turn it on again . I would love not to even have these sorts of doubts but I do. My collections is 50% Classical hence my vocalization on the subject, while Roon is so poor WRT Box Sets I can’t see me ever being happy .

That’s why I maintain 2 libraries , Box Sets in JRiver are perfectly navigable and manageable

Just my 2p, I’m not “taking my bat home” just yet …


And there’s me thinking that the reason I dumped DLNA was because RAAT was a provably superior protocol that fulfils my requirements in ways that DLNA never did or could.


Its Proprietary, not provably. DLNA is global and universal.

It may be proprietary, but it’s also provably a better protocol in solving the issues of audio distribution over a network.

Have you read Roon’s explanation on this?

Yes that was back in 2015, much has changed and progressed since then.

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The DLNA guidelines have been frozen since 2016. What has changed and progressed?

Millions of new, more powerful and sophisticated devices!! - that’s all …

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All containing precisely the same limitations as enshrined in the original specifications. OK, I’m out.

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… or with a RoPieee bridge via Ethernet, which is what I was using on my 851N until a couple of weeks ago. Now the Pi is disconnected and all forlorn.

Thanks for the thought

I have a RPi/ Allo Digione via coax , but I use that via my AudioLab M-DAC as a headphone amp my primary HiFi these days is HD800 headphones as the CXN doesn’t have a headphone socket so if I went to the CXN first it would be.

Ehernet >Rpi / Roipeee > CXN > M-DAC , sort of defeats the object

I use the CXN connected on Ethernet then via Aux to my Soundbar or via the dreaded DLNA (JRiver) then Coax to the M-DAC

PS I had to the Digione CoAx route to get full 24/192 as the CA CXN V1 won’t work properly with Linux and Class 2 USB , I had to run RPi > USB at class 1 maxing at 24/96. I am not sure if they have fixed this in later models

Big Thread a while back …

While this was true in the early days of Roon 2015-2016, nearly every manufacturer is now Roon Ready and UPnP/DLNA is falling out of favor. RAAT has improved HiFi overall and our subscriber growth + the devices they use prove to me the opposite of your hypothesis.

It’s hardly a hurdle any more. Why do you believe it is? Are you stuck with an old device?