Why no Web UI for Roon?

I’m wondering, sitting here typing on a Linux computer, why there is no tab for Roon control in my Web browser? Wouldn’t it make some sense to stop trying to “fix” the iPad and Android interfaces, and just build one interface that could be accessed through a Web browser? That would give Roon a simple way to build platform-specific apps, too, as there are many packaging solutions for wrapping a Web UI into an app. It would also solve the whole “No control app for Linux” issue.

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The Roon software uses an SSD drive to obtain a seamless fast experience, I’d image that they considered a web UI and dismissed it as been too slow.

Plex has one and it’s perfectly fine, not as fast as a native UI but it gives more flexibility for use and tbh if perfectly fine for most operations. The phone apps are starting to get buggier and just don’t feel very premium as the moment. It seems I need the latest and greatest hardware to get anywhere near a decent performance, I have a phone less than 3 years old and Roon is really beginning to suck on it.

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I’m a Web Developer and former ios dev (Xamarin) and I think building a web ui for roon would be a huge time sink and not worth it. Nor would it make the user experience any better than it is now.

The only solution to a better user experience would be to create native android and iOS apps.

If I’d work at Roon I’d not open another can of worms with a web ui.

I haven’t seen the Android version but I think everything has the same code base with „minor“ device specific changes. That’s in my opinion the second best and most cost effective approach they were going for.

Granted I’d love to have native iOS apps but for the time being this is ok for me.


There was talk of adding play controls to the existing web viewer but that was in 2018 and…

“same code base with ‘minor’ device-specific changes” is essentially what a Web UI is. They already have an RPC-controlled back-end, the Core, which a Javascript front end could manipulate – that’s what the Node.js extensions do.

But, yes, another can of worms.

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