Why not more hyperlinks? Can we edit review text to add?

New user of Roon…am blown away! My only disappointment is the relative scarcity of hyperlinks in text. One simple example: take a look at the text review from Heather Phares for Rani Arbo…its packed full of references to other albums, other bands (Salamander Crossing), yet not one hyperlink. This should be a fairly simple fix…Roon must have some coders with NLP skills that could automate finding places in the text where hyperlinks belong. Failing that it would be great if we could establish these hyperlinks for ourselves.

Hyperlinks appear to objects you have in your library. If you don’t have an album it won’t be hyperlinked. Also, I think they may take some time to appear if you later add an album as Roon periodically refreshes metadata in the background.


Not sure I would agree with that 100%. It is common to come across references to albums that you know are in your collection but are not linked. Having said that I’m not in front of Roon at the moment so can’t post an example.

Does this also apply to Tidal albums that you have added to your collection? So for example, if you add an artists entire album collection to your library, you could potentially see a ‘full house’ of links in the bio?

The biographies and reviews come ready populated with hyperlinks, but only show if Roon decides they refer to something or someone in your library.
Personally, I would prefer all links to show as they do in Tidal - and (ahem) did post a feature request for this.


What would it link to if the object wasn’t present in your library?

I believe they’re probably automatic links set up by the metadata provider to other pages in its database. Although I suppose whoever wrote the bio could have had in mind specific references that they also wanted hyperlinked. Either way, it wouldnt have started off pointing to an internal Roon object, (although it may do once Roon has analysed the text) so I don’t see a problem, but I’m not the programmer.

I should have been clearer. I have every Rani Arbo (and Salamander Crossing) album in my library, but the text that mentions these albums/artists do not have hyperlinks to my albums. Also: I agree with @BrianW – for Tidal users the links should be there even if the items are not in my library (perhaps a different color link for items in local library vs in broader tidal collection). The beauty of Roon is it encourages exploration…the hyperlinks are key to that and they aren’t implemented as broadly as they should be.


I agree, the more hyperlinks the merrier. As a long-time allmusic.com user I’ve noticed that they’re not consistent with hyper linking and that over the years the inconsistency has grown. I guess Roon inherits those limitations in the ingested data, albeit I guess they could parse all reviews and bios for objects, but I imagine this is a computationally expensive exercise to undertake periodically.

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to the object in Tidal