Why Roon Server on NAS not using Synology proxy setting?

I had set proxy on Synology NAS, but I monitor the flow, found roon and Tidal can not use the proxy that I set to accelerate the access speed. How can I tell the roon to using this proxy?

That’s a reverse proxy for HTTP/ HTTPS traffic. Roon is an application and doesn’t serve up web pages.

No, the CloudSync package connect cloud driver will using this proxy setting. this is proxy client setting. just like the http_proxy env param in Linux.

I think roon server is a third party app, may ignore this setting.

Can roon add a proxy setting for accelerating purpose? or room running on nas can using the nas system proxy setting?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Roon doesn’t use ports 80 and 443.

Roon use 80 and 443 or not is not the problem. The problem is Roon should provide a setting to specify the proxy, or Roon in Synology can use the system HTTP proxy setting as in the picture I post above. Otherwise, Roon can not the proxy to accelerate Roon and Tidal’s data requesting.

Regardless, this won’t “accelerate the access speed” as you suggest since this feature is for caching and access control or your origin servers; you’re not going to have any content that can be cached from Roon or TIDAL.

But, as I have said [for the last time] the proxy server provides caching and access control for HTTP-based services only.

In some locations , without proxy, you even can not access the Roon and TIDAL site.

That’s a completely different matter and has nothing to do with running Roon Server. I suggest you read up on forward proxy, reverse proxy and VPNs.

I know this very well, because I am a network engineer. My requirement is wish Roon server can provide a proxy setting, and send request to Roon and Tidal website through this proxy ( I using the clash provide a proxy).

Many software provide proxy setting that can access the network in different network location, for example office network under proxy, etc.