Why Should I Buy A SonicOrbiter SE

Can somebody tell me why I should buy a SonicOrbiter SE, other then removing computer from listening room what are the advantages?

Looking for opinions.
Also does it support 32 bit?


SonicOrbiter SE is a computer running a light weight linux kernel of one form or another.

So smaller size and possibly less noise generated.

What kind of noise? My DAC and many others have galvanic isolation on the USB so there should be no noise there?

No advantage then. Just possible size reduction.

Small and inexpensive when adding a new zone. I put a SOSE with a USB headphone DAC+amp on my bedside table, outstanding sound for $500 and smaller than the alarm clock.

Is it an improvement over an existing endpoint? Depends on what you have, of course. Some argue that a network connection is better than USB, but I think that depends on the engineering. I have a system connected to the Roon server with both USB and network, and notice no difference.

Noise can cross the galvanic isolation just like the signal does. Also very clean timing can make a big difference. The Sonicorbiter SE has a very low latency Linux OS. Works much better then a PC.

All that plus you get the PC out of you listing room.

Another point that may not be relevant to you, but was to me:
Like a computer (which it is) SOSE provides support for many different protocols/use-cases. So, if you later decide to move away from Roon and back to DLNA (for example), SOSE is there. It is not a Roon-dedicated solution, it is flexible like a computer, it is much lower maintenance than a computer, it is small, quiet and comes with great support. Yes, I like mine!

If there is discount offer to buy SOSE together with Roon licence, then this could be more encouraging :slight_smile:

The price does not seem out of line compared with other alternatives and a package deal seems unlikely as SGC and Roon are different companies with no joint promotion and revenue sharing. If it is not right for you then it is not right - Roon Bridge may offer you an better alternative.

Already discounted.
The Meridian endpoint is several thousand and requires a special server that is several, several thousand.
Bel Canto’s endpoint is $2,500.
Auralic too.

$300 for a SOSE is a miracle.

You can go cheaper if you only want to use it as a RoonReady Endpoint.
Take a RaspBerry Pi and one of the IQAudIO boards that suit your needs.
You’ll be ready to go for <$100.

It is officially supported (as they are a Roon Partner) and works ‘out-of-the-box’.
More details can be found in this thread: