Why was post hidden?

Why was this post hidden?

“Cancel Culture”? :speak_no_evil:

Seems like anyone can flag a post because they get triggered and the post goes “pffft” into thin air… You watch this post disappear :roll_eyes:

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The post in question was flagged inappropriate by a user and agreed by a Moderator. We usually delete posts that link or promote services that infringe Tidal or Qobuz terms and that may have been the issue here. Mods will discuss and respond further.

Whether a post is hidden by a flag depends on the Trust Level of the flagger. A high trust level flagger means the post is hidden upon flagging, lower trust level flags mean it may not be hidden until agreed by a Mod. In either event if a Mod disagrees a flag the post is unhidden.

In case anyone is under the misapprehension that the Forum is an arena where unrestricted free speech is allowed that is definitely not the case. Moderators apply the Forum guidelines. Admins reserve the right to delete posts in their discretion.

I for one am glad that we have moderators moderating these forums.

However it would be nice that in addition to the thumbs up (Heart) that there would also be a thumbs down especially for these constant condescending comments of someone opinion being posted.



Users who no longer wish to read posts by another user can ignore that user in Preferences/Notifications/Users.

Further to my first post above a number of Mods have reviewed the hidden post and decided it should remain hidden.

The post referred to services in breach of Tidal or Qobuz terms, although it did not promote such services. It was, however, also borderline offensive to a particular nationality or ethnicity and added nothing to the discussion. It also had the potential to incite an inappropriate response making it borderline trolling. That’s too many lineballs for one post and we think the discussion is better off without it.


I will second this suggestion. It works very well. Every time I see ‘View 1 Hidden Reply’, I think “It’s pretty sweet this guy is paying for the development of Roon software.”
Life is too short to get caught up in negative energy.


I’ve posted a critical opinion of HQP here, why was it removed?
Please indicate the place in the Regulations where expressing an opinion is prohibited.

What was it about? The general gist.

Why do you think they have to justify how they choose to run their forum to you? If you want to be critical of Roon that at least can be useful in making Roon better. But being critical of someone else’s product here serves no purpose for improving Roon.

Because that would be polite and well-meaning - opposite to what you are saying to me now …
But I understood the moderators’ intentions and I am closing the deliberations on this topic.

I’ve independently reviewed that hidden post … I believe the " Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree" should cover it.