Why you should probably be using Crossfeed for headphone listening

Just short video I made talking about Crossfeed:

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@Mediahound. Nice video. I use Crossfeed with my headphones during most listening sessions. It gives a more speaker-like listening experience. Crosszone headphones makes some headphones with this type of technology in mind. I checked them out at CanJamLA earlier this year. Pretty nice cans.

Nice video. Next idea - video on Harman target?

I’ve enjoyed crossfeed since about 2005 when I bought an all analog Meier Audio HP amp.

I still prefer it using Roon, default is fine. I really don’t notice much difference that sway me one direction or the other between the options or custom.

Whatever happened to CanOpener for iOS ?

I used it for ages but it seems to have disappeared

Not available in US.