Wi-Fi suddenly very slow on RoPieee

Today, I suddenly got dropouts on anything higher than 24/96. Initially, I thought it was my internet connection but Netflix was streaming 4K no problem. Then I noticed that Roon was streaming to my headphone DAC connected to my iMac flawlessly.

After some investigating with the Google Wifi app, it turned out the connection to the Pi 4B was slowed all the way down to 2Mbps. Rebooting RoPieee brought the speed back up to 40+ Mbps.

Does the Wi-Fi on the Pi or RoPieee have a tendency to slow down? How often should I reboot to clear things up?


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Just a shot in the dark but… Are you using 2.4ghz. If so, do you know what channel your WiFi is set to. In your router tell it to use channel 11 and see if that fixes it.


I doubt Google Wifi allows me to choose channels. I bet it is using 2.4GHz. It is so strange because the Sony TV right next to the Pi is getting almost 300Mbps. Another strange thing is that the Pi chooses the Wifi puck (mesh network) upstairs when the “main” puck is just a few feet away.

Why can’t you plug into the puck? Aren’t there 2 ports?

Not without severe tripping hazards. :slight_smile:

I only assumed 2.4ghz WiFi. Are you using 2.4 or 5ghz WiFi?

The channel number issue with the pi is only a problem on 2.4ghz. So if you aren’t already, try 5ghz WiFi.

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Unfortunately, Google WiFi also doesn’t let me choose 5GHz over 2.4Ghz. They use the same SSID.

Perhaps it’s time to get a proper WiFi 6 mesh.

Thanks for your help.