Wifi disconnects when starting Roon Remote on Android

(Marcel van Tilburg) #1

Since two weeks my Android tablet (Samsung S2) loses wifi when starting Roon Remote. when I try to reconnect, it says ‘authentication error occurred’ and I have to reboot to get wifi working. This happens with both the wifi access points in the house (2.4 and 5). It all used to work flawlessly and it still does on my Samsung S6 phone. I have sent my tablet to Samsung for repair and they returned it saying no repair was necessary. Otherwise wifi works perfectly on the tablet. I can do everything including streaming HD movies for hours without any hiccup. Then start up the Roon Remote app and it’s gone. It is driving me insane. Are there additional settings to be made in the router? Or in tablet? Or in Roon Server? Please help!


Who knows, you’re not providing much information about your hardware or settings, aren’t you?

A good starting point may be to login to your access point and check the logs there for errors.

(Roel) #3

I had similar issues when i was using a Tab S2, but it was not exclusively to Roon. At random moments the tablet would lose the wifi connection. After searching on the internet it was an issue with this tablet and its software but there was no real solution. The Tab S2 was the only device in my house that had these connection issues.

My solution was to ditch the tablet and now i use a Chromebook/tablet and that works just fine.

(Marcel van Tilburg) #4

Many thanks for your advice! After a few more hours of frustrating experiment, I have come to the same conclusion. Shame Samsung doesn’t admit this! I will go out and buy another tablet today, not sure which one it will be…

(Daniel Beyer) #5

Not all Tab S2’s have your issue. Mine has been and still is rock solid. I have it on 2.4. Maybe try uninstalling and re-installing Roon on the Tab.

Do you have any remote or vpn programs on that Tab S2?

(Marcel van Tilburg) #6

Thank you, Daniel! I have no VPN or remotes on that tablet. Crazy thing is that it used to work fine, with only occasional wifi dropouts after which it would reconnect quickly by itself. I think the real problems started after a software update by Samsung, but I am not completely sure. Anyhow Samsung said they had installed even newer software, unfortunately to no avail.

I solved my problem by buying a Huawei M5 MediaPad, that is a dream to work with: faster, wider screen (giving room to more covers!) and not a single wifi dropout. Detesting both Windows and Apple I found that there wasn’t much choice compared with a few years ago, but I am quite happy with the Huawei!