Wifi Issue - external dongle after update

Harry - Unique identifier: 15093b0323a3e5be
I attempted an upgraded to 2.596, during the upgrade it seemed to hang. I had the previous version 2.5?? working with a TB® Ralink 5370 USB Wifi Dongle USB 2.0 Wireless 802.11n USB Wifi Adapter. I was able to reboot with a wired connection, seemed to upgrade ok but I could not get get the WIFI dongle to work.

I can see my home wifi network and select it + change the password. After reboot I see a different wifi SSID and the device is pnly connceted via cable.
Atfer reading the recent wifi issue I than changed to the beta channel. Update worked but still can not get the device to connect to my wifi.

Not sure the exact process for adding the dongle. Any insights or help would be appreciated.

Can you send feedback with just a reboot? Without re-configuring the wifi?


Hmmm… It shows timeouts during authentication.

Nothing much I can do about that. I have however, pushed the latest firmware update to the beta channel. Most WiFi devices have a binary firmware as well, so this might improve stuff.

And I suggest to reboot your router, just to be sure.

Do you see which SSID the device whats to connect to? If it is “DIRECT-D3BBA1BC” this is not the network I selected.

I flashed the SSD again with the stable version and do see know as weel “Error: 0” Message. In addition I update again to new beta version but still have “Error: 0” as Network.

I rebooted the router as well



Things have changed. At least now the interface connects and gets an IP Address, it’s just that within a minute or so it reports that ‘carrier is lost’ and it tries again.

Not sure what’s going on. Did something change in your infrastructure?