WIFI versus Ethernet connection

Despite having a robust wifi setup, I experienced frequent disconnects and glitches when playing music via Chromecast. I recently connected the Chromecast to my core on a PC via ethernet & all my problems disappeared.

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If you can setup a wired connection, you are far better off. I had one installed across the width of my house and use a switch to connect to multiple components. Save the wifi for remote devices.


There are always people who insist WiFi is more than good enough, and for them I have no doubt it is, but I suspect for every one who makes it work there are ten who have problems. My audio streaming with Roon, and video streaming with Netflix improved massively with Ethernet hard wiring. Phones and control devices only on WiFi now and all my streaming is rock solid. Now we do know that some have no option but to use WiFi and I sympathise but it shouldn’t be sold as doable for everyone.

Proper network is fine with WIFI. I have an Eero mesh and it works flawless. Stream all the time with 20+ devices and have no issues whatsoever. Just need the proper amount of nodes for your space.

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