Wikipedia Links to Artists, Album, and Artist Slidshow

(Steven) #1

Ive been happy using ROON as a lifetime member. I especially like to read the artist bios, album information, and links to related topics ROON provides. But Wickepedia really does a much better job then the current system. The bios of artists, album information, etc are so much more in depth and Wickepedia also provide links to other artists involved in the projects. Through Wickepedia can find cover art to be used in case ROON occasionally can’t find the correct version.

I support Wickepedia every year with a donation. I’m sure Wickepedia would be glad to negotiate with ROON for access to its treasures of information.

It would also be great if we could have a **slideshow **of public domain photos of artists etc., in addition to the album cover ROON currently displays. ROON subscribers could then use features like “mirroring” to project the images on a larger monitor in the listening room or projector. Yes i know a screen in the center of the listening room will disrupt imaging somewhat, but these features could add a new dimension of enjoyment to an already GREAT ROON experience.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #2

I have often wondered if Roon shouldn’t try to implement some sort of browser window within its window. I can see myriad arguments against it.

But consider this: Roon has a database of objects that include the related text strings of artist name, album title, track title, related points. If Roon’s browser was able to parse the text it displays and turn the text that matches its database into links to the collection, where something like a right mouse click would bring up a context menu to play, queue, shuffle, what have you, would be pretty cool. Similar to what we get with artist bios and the links there, except not just to the corresponding page, but rather to experience the music in real time while browsing.

It might not be that hard. I’m no developer but my 12 year old son has been working with a version of Chrome that is built into his development platform. He’s built me some basic interfaces to make accessing media functions more easy, including opening YouTube and Netflix within designated windows. So I gotta think there is a way to leverage Chrome or another existing popular browser technology so that Roon itself is not distracted by developing or maintaining browser technology. Just collection-centric parsing.

Yeah, I know, there are many higher priorities. But this would be FUN!