Wilder Speculation: ROCK might introduce a capability to connect with remote endpoints

Yes, I’m just having fun with this but since remote support is something very high on my wish list, i thought i’d throw it into the fray :blush:

If users have two locations – home + office for example – and both are on the internet and with sufficient bandwidth, ROCK could implement a simple remote connection to allow control from both locations and playback (streaming/caching) to the remote location.

initially this can be supported on ROCK CORE-to-ROCK ENDPOINT setups and later expand to support mobiles and …

While some update of Roon will be necessary to handle the streaming/caching in an efficient way most of the network headaches and control bridging can be handled by the OS.

I know I have overly simplified this, but…

Enjoy the discussion.

Hate to burst your bubble (and that feature would be great), but it’s already been authoritatively stated that new features happen in Roon, not ROCK.


Meanwhile, I think it’s likely that ROCK will attract desirable members of the opposite sex, in the same way that cologne or automobiles do.

Edit: I’m pretty sure MQA will also do this, so you might not need both.


i know. But i choose to maintain the innocence of arguing that automated dynamic dns or VPN is better managed in the OS and that other Roon endpoints running on ROCK will simply show up as if they were local zones.

In any case, i’d love to have this feature in all my Roon devices.

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In which case posting a comment in the Feature Request subforum might get the attention of Roon’s team better than a “Wilder Speculation” thread.

I wonder who’s going to come up with a “Wildest Speculation” thread and what it’s going to suggest.

Moon ROCKs anyone?

i trust the readers and moderators to see the light humour (or the merit, depending on perspective) and doing what might need to be done to my wilder speculation. or not.

i have already raised my interest in mobile/remote support in the related threads and trust that Roon is working in it.

this tangent was actually triggered by me thinking of how i can connect my office and my home to roon and realizing that it can be done at the system/os/network level instead of at the Roon application level. if i had the time… and the bandwidth. i currently don’t have the time, but if Roon/ROCK did, i could easily find the bandwidth.

now, moon ROCKS… only time will tell if that qualifies as wildest :blush: