Will a Samsung Galaxy Book S laptop with Qualcomm CPU work with Roon?

I am looking at getting a Samsung Galaxy Book S fanless laptop with Windows 10 to run as a Roon control/endpoint. I already have an Intel i5 NUC running my Roon Rock Core. So I am all setup just want a fanless laptop for daily work use and also to use a Roon remote control/endpoint. Would like to be able to connect it directly to some of my USB DACs.

Samsung has 2 CPU options for this laptop either a Qualcomm 8cx or an Intel Core i5-L16G7 CPU.

I’m really interested in the Qualcomm CPU as it appears to be superior to the Intel chip and supports 5G for mobile use. So it would give me more future proofing than the Intel chip which only supports 4G LTE. The Qualcomm 8cx uses a Adreno 680 GPU and supports 4k resolution. Intel uses the UHD chip and also supports 4k.

Here’s the specs from Qualcomm:


My only reason for hesitation on the Qualcomm CPU is due to a review I saw that showed it had some driver issues connecting external devices as well as bugs/issues running certain apps in Windows 10. The Intel x86 platform obviously is tried and true and is probably less likely to have incompatiable apps.

I thought I would ask the Roon support engineers and community to see if this would work as a Roon Windows 10 remote. Otherwise the Intel Core i5-L16G7 CPU should work out just fine. This Qualcomm is a very a new CPU so probably no test cases yet.


Roon will not install or run – one or both – on the Microsoft Surface Pro X. Consider that your Windows 10 ARM niche test case.


Thanks AJ,

The Qualcomm ARM CPU is definitely out as the Microsoft Surface Pro X uses a Microsoft SQ1 ARM chip. If that doesn’t work then the Qualcomm chip won’t either.

Will it install on the Galaxy Book S with the Intel Core i5-L16G7 chipset?

Appreciate the info.