Will a SYMFONISK work?

there are also plenty of ikea hacks available for it - /r/ikeahacks

i think the main issue is they are like rocking horse poop

I love our symfonisk lamp. The only issue I seem to have is that roon refuses to see it unless I do something to the speaker with the sonos app first. It’s like it drops off the network (except it doesn’t as airplay is still there and I can see it on my networks arp table).

I kept looking for some kind of sleep setting but can’t see anything obvious. Anyone else had issues with sonos dropping off the roon endpoint list?

No, i still see it in Roon, but it refuses to play anything. And if i start the Sonos app it annoys me wih the"i cant find the Sonos" and goes into the neverending loop of attaching this piece of crap to the WLAN.
(Which inevitably fail…)

Sounds to me like maybe a network issue. Perhaps try adjusting channel settings to see if you get a more stable connection. I have zero connectivity issues with the sonos itself, just with roon being a tad weird.

No, i don’t think so. I have one or two other devices on 2.4Ghz that is rock solid.
I actually think the WLAN module has gone south on this one. I have another in box, will try that one instead.

@Mikael_Ollars Yep I’m inclined to think the product is faulty. I don’t have a lamp but certainly the Symfonisk units have been rock solid, I can hit “play” in Roon after not having used them for a weekend and they start playing instantly.

Yep. The Symfonisk gear (and some Sonos gear) even has custom endpoint icons.