Will a SYMFONISK work?

I didn’t just mash the keyboard.

This is a Sonos speaker released by Ikea for a hundy. I fancy getting two and transplanting them into a pair of decent speakers but wanted to know if anyone has checked they work with roon ok, I am guessing yes.

Product management and marketing 101 - give the product a name people can remember and type :wink:

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Yes, they work fine. Even as a stereo pair.

Pick your poison from either Airplay or Sonos Streaming.


Coolio, thanks.

I bought a couple of these, can confirm that they work perfectly* and I love them.

*Apart from that one randomly skips when I use the microwave nearby, but other than that…

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The name makes perfect sense! :slight_smile: It’s just the word “symphonical” in swedish. Easy’peasy! :wink:


Microwaves use the same 2.4GHz band as wifi.

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I was a bit curious about these, and they are reasonably priced so i decided to get two for the country house.

Set them up at home first and i’m pretty pleased with the sound so far, quite impressive (especially afte the measuring part)
And they show up just fine as a stereo Sonos unit in Roon.

I thought some of you might be interested in this video. The guy takes it apart to see what makes it tick.

IKEA’s Sonos Speaker Has a Secret


Hey! I was thinking of getting a pair of these. However, I do not want to use them with Airplay. I want to use the Ethernet input on the back and go straight into my router to connect with Roon. Is this how you are using it? Also, if you know, will I have to plug both speakers into my router or will they link for stereo? Thanks!

Hi Michael, at this time, i’m only using one of these.
They sound good and are reasonably easy to setup. Their WLAN connectivity feels a bit compromised compared to other wireless appliances but work fine where reception is good or over ethernet.
Both need to have a stable connection to your network, and then you can use the Sonos app to set them up as a stereo pair. It doesn’t matter if their individual connection is wired or over wlan though.
(But they don’t link together wirelessly, only to your network)
When set up as a stereo pair they appear as an Roon endpoint both under AirPlay and Sonos Streaming.

I don’t think you can go wrong with them if your expectations are reasonable! :slight_smile:

Thank u for the info…

Is SQ better playing via Sonos app connection vs. Airplay? I know Airplay has limited bandwidth and inferior SQ to Roon endpoint connectivity options.
For a portable Roon endpoint for casual listening in a garage workshop, bedroom etc. these seem like a pretty good option. Anybody agree or have an alternative suggestion, e.g. a Chromecast speaker at similar pricepoint?

So is all I need do is buy a Sonos or Symfonisk, plug it in, stick it on a shelf and Roon will see it as an endpoint ? I cannot see any Roon info on either the Sonos or Ikea websites.

Change your wifi channel. Means you’re broadcasting at a frequency too close to that your microwave puts out. Another channel might help

I use a Sonos Move (bluetooth and Wifi) which has good sound. My daughter has a small Sonos Roam bluetooth speaker, both are portable. Obviously the lure of Sonos is decent sound with high product design (and relatively high price, you pay for the marketing machine).

that would be great !
i would 2nd this question

I’d like to answer Yes! to your and @Stephen_Judge’s question, but unfortunately it’s not always as easy.
If you have the opportunity to wire the Symfonisk to your network, it might be true. I have one of these in my kitchen, connected over 2.4Ghz WLAN. And it’s a complete disaster… When i want to use it, it’s more common than not, that it’s dropped off my network.
And to be honest, the re-installation procedure usually ends in cursing and threats of destruction. At this very moment, i cannot get the Sonos App to find it, at all… (unless i wire it to my LAN)
I also have a Bluesound Soundbar, connected to the same WLAN, actually a foot or two further away from the router, it has never, i mean NEVER dropped off my WLAN ( it is on 5Ghz though).

In my book, walk on by, and stop at the next Bluesound shop…
(I’m sure others will have different experiences)

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the Gen 2 Symfonisk has 5Ghz and costs the same :smiley:

And if you want to tweak them!! It did make a difference actually (firmer bass, more open generally). Just a bit of fun…