Will albums deleted at Qobuz level remain in my Roon library?

Hi all,

I am a Qobuz subscriber.

If I have added a Qobuz album to my Roon library and Qobuz/Artist decides to pull the album from Qobuz, will it disappear without my knowing it or will the album be simply “unavailable” if I press play in Roon?

Many thanks!

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Unavailable. This happens all the time as licensing seems to change with the wind.

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To complete @ged_hickman1s’s answer, the album remains unavailable until you clean your library.
Once youdo that, all unavailable albums will disappear from your library.
Unfortunately, Roon is not (able to) specify which tracks (and corresponfing albums) will be cleaned.



I have not had in library streaming albums deprecated myself; but, in hearing others describe the issue on the forums, the entries usually just disappear.

Some users have taken to making Weekly/Monthly Excel outputs of their library additions to compare to see if anything was removed. Not a great workaround. There have been posts in Feature Requests to create some “reporting” in this instance. Feel free to add your voice to one of those threads.