Will I Flirc work with ROCK?

Will Flirc work with ROCK?


I doubt it, but Flirc is supported by RoPieee, if you want a remote control for a particular Roon zone (does not have to be the same as the host Raspberry Pi containing the Flirc USB dongle).

Is Flirc an IR or RF implementation? Flirc states it works in conjunction with Logitech, so I would assume it may be an IR system. However, Logitech can, in some instances, be configured to work with RF as well. Trying to figure out if the Flirc Remote is compatible with Ropieee AND IR transmission, but now I see that Ropieee may not be able to do multichannel HDMI-out, so that’s a bit of a bummer. May be still looking for an affordable USB-stereo/HDMI-multichannel transport solution for another zone. Already have one (Intel NUC ROCK endpoint-only), but may be in the market for another more affordable solution. Was hoping that the ALLO USBridge Signature could be my solution, but it looks like it may not work with Ropieee and HDMI-multichannel out. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • john

Flirc On Ropieee can control any Roon endpoint not just the Ropieee connected devices.

Ropieee doesn’t support any HDMI out connection for Audio or Video

If your after multichannel and just as an endpoint any type of NuC will do. I use a dn3815 I picked it up as a refurb for £70 it runs ROCK and will give you multichannel via HDMI.