Will local files come to be regarded as being as obsolete as turntables?

Man, I’m going to need some gym time before embarking on my new career as a gentleman high end turntable burglar…


If I remember slatedeck used to do double bases for Garrard decks in ummmm slate. You wouldn’t want to drop one of those on your toes.

The 700 lb figure is calculated from the dimensions and density. Could be more or less based on the actual origin of the granite.

I hope you didn’t shell out half a million for the Zero. Mine cost much less: $100 for the basic granite/steel platform, $200 to rent a 1 ton truck with a hydraulic lift gate to fetch it home, $80 for a granite point to carve out the hole for the tonearm base, a bit for the aluminum, paint, plywood, epoxy, bolts, etc, and a half year of fun. And the sacrificial VPI that contributed the bearing and platter, and a motor, and controller, and batteries, and … The whole thing probably cost not too much more than the cartridge.

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Oh it’s yours? I didn’t realize. It’s a bargain!

No, I don’t own the TechDAS (quite the opposite, I have a Rega P10) but it floats on air :slight_smile:

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