Will QNAP HS251+ Run Roonserver

Does anyone know if the new QNAP HS251+ will run Roonserver? Any comments on sq or anything else (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. If not can someone suggest an NAS best for someone who will only use it for music.

Roon’s recommendations are here.


Hi Richard,

The HS251+ only has 2GB DDR3L RAM, I believe it is soldered to the board and thus can not be increased.
I’m not saying it would not work [for a small collection] but 2GB is really too low for Roon Server 4GB+ being the recommendation.

If you have a HS251+ already I’d say try it and let us know how you get on, but I would not recommend purchasing one for Roon.

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I have the QNAP HS-251+ with two WD red 3TB drives. I purchased it last Christmas with anticipation that Roon would at some point be available for installation on a NAS. From what I now understand, the HS-251+ does not have the required power to have Roon installed on it. I can purchase an external SSD to connect to the USB 3.0, but does this unit have enough RAM/prcessor speed? Thanks

Hi Mark,
I’ve merged your post into this topic.
I think my earlier post is also pertinent to your question.

So has anyone used Roon server on a QNAP HS-251+ ? Think especially when using a SSD via USB 3.0 for the core this should actually work for a usual number of albums but love to hear feedback.

As long as you don’t use any fancy functions like DSP the QNAP 251+ will work just fine. I run Roon Server on a QNAP 569L, never had a hickup…:grinning:

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Unfortunately i was not able to get Roon core running stable on my TS251. Do not know what is the different to HS251. I concluded that my TS is underpowered.

I’m using it together my QNAP 251+, connected via USB to my Denon 1600NE.

Music stored into a 1TB SSD (only one bay so far).

Three different FLACs streaming at the same time also in my studio to an Arcam rPlay + Sprout and my bedroom to Apple TV connected via toslink to the small Teac 101-DA…

Just a benchmark situation, not a real one.
It works like a charm.

QNAP RAM at 58% CPU at 5%.
QNAP is running Plex at the same time.

Strange, your HS251 is the ultimate race machine compared to my prehistoric steamboat 569…:joy: I am shure it is not underpowered…:+1: Someting else must be wrong. Did you try to use DSP ?

Was that a HS-251+ ? This model has 2GB of RAM.
But I very much hope it works when no DSP is used for my library.

Yep, HS-251+
I do not use DSP at all, I tried a bit of crossfading and didn’t notice any problem.

Great to hear!! Eager to try it with the Devialet 220 Pro


I have a HS-251+ running Roon with 2 x 2TB SSD. Overall performance is excellent.

Things start to fall apart on the rare occasion when I try to play DSD files greater than DSD64. I also do not use any DSP.



Okay, need some advice. Currently, I am running Roon on a Windows 10 PC with my rather large library of .flac files (over 250.000). Roon is on the PC, files are on a Drobo box connected via USB, using Marantz HD-151 DAC. I upsample all of tracks to DSD 5.6. Runs like a charm. The Drobo box has six hard drives on it and I am worried that the Drobo and/or hard drives will fail, so trying to upgrade for the future.

Like most of us, I am never satisfied, of course. I like the idea of a NAS running ROON and also (not at the same time) putting photos, movies, etc on the box.

I just bought a QNAP TS-251, along with 8gb of RAM (which I have not installed yet, but know how). I installed two 6tb drives on it. I also have ordered a USB external SSD - I see that some of you have used that, along with the hard drives on the NAS…

I will be using the TS-251 via Ethernet. I am thinking of transferring all of my flac files to the TS-251 and using the NAS to listen to the files.

With the 8gb RAM upgrade, will this setup work? I can still send the TS-251 and RAM back, so if it doesn’t work, no big deal. I am particularly concerned about the upsampling everything to DSD. If it is not going to work like my current setup, I will probably return everything and use my current setup.

If this will work, how should I proceed? Should I still run Roon from the PC or put it on the NAS (possibly the external SSD)? What steps would you suggest?

Hi John,

Whilst the Celeron® 2.41GHz dual-core processor in the TS-251 will run Roon, you have a very large lib and you also want to upsample to DSD… I believe you should be looking at an Intel i5 based NAS.

Have you read What is the ideal NAS configuration for Roon?, it was written about a year ago so the models may have changed slightly.

One cool feature of Roon, if you open up the signal path window Roon displays how well the processor is coping vs. real time … as you have the TS-251 try upsampling and see what you get.

X5 = Means the DSP is running 5 times faster than it is required. As the number approaches X1.? problems will ensue.

Okay, I have changed my mind. Not going to use a NAS at all. My present setup is working great, so really no need to go to a NAS. One question though. I had purchased a USB 3.0 external SSD. Would there be any benefit on putting any of the Roon software on that? (And how to do it). Thanks!

Not really, though the PC does not have one already Roon (and the PC) would benefit in replacing the internal boot HDD with an SDD.

For all having one of this old NAS still running and interested to run Roonserver on it my experience:

My config:
HS251+ (2GB RAM), aprox. 3 years old. First disk is a new 1TB SSD and second disk a Western Digital 6TB HD. Roon is running on SSD, Music files on SSD and HD.

What I am able to run without any problems: Iphone XS with Mojo hooked on. Running following DSP’s with 2.5x points showed in Roon signal path: Headroom Management, Sample Rate upscaling to 384kHz, Parametric EQ, Audeeze Preset.

Where are the limits with this setup:
Increasing the setup listed above but the Sample Rate to Mojo’s Max to 768kHz is dead end: Drop outs and track lost.
Another thing is due to the low memory of 2G: Search functions in Roon are slow (result is provided >10s)
In my Roon test phase I was using Roon server on HD and not on SSD. I had several dropouts while listening an album. Now with the 1TB SSD disk the HS251+ is an acceptable but old and fanless NAS as Roon server.