Will Roon do this for me?

New guy, first post. Go easy on me please.

Right now I use Logitech Media Server On a Windows 10 desktop computer to stream my ripped FLAC files and the Quboz plug in to my Squeezebox Touch. I control it via ipeng on my iPhone 11. What I want is An interface/controller for my iPhone that lets me see all content I have available from, for example, Miles Davis. Ideally also by genre. Basically a solution that truly lets me browse my entire digital music library.

Right now I am using ipeng as a controller and I can either see my ripped files via “my music” or my Quboz favorites via “my apps”.

It sounds like Roon might do this for me but I get mired in too much information when I try to figure out whether that’s the case.
What day you folks?

Yes, Roon will seemlessly combine your music with Qobuz and/or Tidal and let you see all of this and read as much information about all of it as you want. You can run the Roon core on your Windows 10 computer or certain other devices. You can control it all with an iPhone, iPad, Windows computer, or Android device, or all of the above.

I’m assuming the Squeezebox Touch can act as that bridge device?


Yes, evidently it can.

You can get a free trial of Roon to make sure it does what you want before you commit to a one year subscription at $119.

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It can serve as an endpoint/DAC. Why not install Roon and trial it to see what it does. You’ll have to stop LMS running if you want to use the Touch in Roon.

As a former LMS user I can tell you with absolute certainty that Roon is a full replacement and much, much more for LMS. Install Roon core on the same computer that currently is running LMS. Enable Squeezebox support and disable LMS. You may also have to manually select Roon as the music library on the Touch in order to have the Touch work with Roon. Finally install the Roon app on your iPhone and then use the iPhone to control Roon. Works great!

If you have questions or run into trouble or problems, just ask and hopefully the pros here can help you get things up and running.

Good luck and welcome to Roon!

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Yes absolutely right, I also converted from LMS and still have some Squeezeboxes, Roon will do all that our new guy @Wesley_Best is used to from LMS and more.

Once you‘ve gone Roon, you never go back :wink:
Many Ex LMS users here.

Yes there are. Maybe we should post a thread with a poll asking how a few questions about Roon versus LMS. Perhaps early next year after the holidays are over.

I forgot to mention that as (former) LMS users many of us have been ripping, tagging, storing, downloading, organizing and streaming for many years. In many cases for years before Roon was even introduced. :grin:

Absolutely - many years. Sometimes think the moment I rip the last cd from my collection, I will drop dead :slight_smile: Been at it so long, cannot imagine what life will be like after that.
But then at least for me as a classical music owner, endless hours went into identifying, correcting, grooming my collection in Roon. But it really is a huge upgrade once the info is there, LMS cannot touch that. Flicking through the connections etc is a lot of fun.


Lots of great info and it’s appreciated. I’m gonna try Roon out as soon as I can make time to get it set up.

Was ripping to WAV before I knew about FLAC then discovered slimserver around 2003. Used LMS till I switched to Roon.

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LMS started my addiction. Many hours ripping to a file server. Searching for the right album art. Tagging the collection. Storing the cds. Seems like an age ago - and then discovering Roon. Really gave me what I was looking for when I went down the squeeze box road rather than mainstream. I always dreamed of a Soolos system but knew that would never be a reality. Roon gives me what I wanted and more. Once you switch there is no looking back.

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Ex LMS user here, before my touch died it worked great and I still use my SB radio with no issue. Roon is a natural progression from LMS with much more.

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I picked up a Squeezebox Classic back in 2005 and then a Transporter in 2007. No going back to those little silver discs. I used LMS to stream to 7 devices throughout my house. I also used to two very good add on programs - moose, which I used for super fast database searches - as fast, if not faster than Roon, and Muso for library viewing. Muso is vaguely similar to Roon but much less powerful and much less costly.

After I started using Roon a little over a year ago I realized that I would not be going back to LMS.

I’ve also replaced several of my Squeezebox devices with Roon Ready endpoints. Don’t think that there is any improvement in the sound but the communication between the endpoint and Roon is much more stable. However I’m still using a Transporter in my main stereo. Hoping to replace the Transporter with either a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (although I don’t need the pre-amp function) or better still a SimAudio MOON 390 Network Player / Preamplifier Moon 390 - which would replace my Transporter, phono preamp and preamplifier with just one unit. The ELAC Alchemy DDP-2 is a similar streamer/preamp and a little less expensive. All three of these are Roon Ready.