Will Roon have Stations like Spotify or Pandora?

I keep wondering, will Roon ever have “channels” or “stations” like Spotify or Pandora? For instance, it would be nice to go to the “Patsy Cline” station and listen to all kinds of country music similar to Patsy Cline. It would be nice to go the “Radio Head” station and listen to all kinds of alternative music similar to Radio Head. It’s really cool how you click on a station on Spotify and you can stream music for hours and hours and it will all be, more or less, in that same genre. Does Roon have a similar service like this or will they have it in the future? Roon Radio is not the same as what Spotify or Pandora is doing.

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@David_Hunter, have you tried “Artist Radio”?

I did not know about this. Thanks.

There doesn’t seem to be a coherent place, i.e. a Wiki, where one can read up on such things.

Yes, there’s the KB, but one needs to know something about what one wants, rather than just being able to browse appropriate sections.

I didn’t know about this feature either. Thanks! Will Patsy Cline radio play just Patsy Cline songs or is there artificial intelligence that figures out other music in the same genre by other artists? Well, I guess I’m about to find out… stay tuned! :upside_down_face:

I was doing exactly that with Boz Skaggs today… See the Roon Knowledge base for lots of stuff…

Thank you for the tip, Joel. I’ve checked out “Artist Radio” and it works really great. I am enjoying it.

Roon radio is cool, and you can select an artist, or an album, or it simply will start playing after the last song in your queue (and Roon Radio will be related to the last song, regardless of the songs that played before it)…


It would be really cool if you could “design” it more individually, and combine artists/albums/playlists into a station, like Pandora/Spotify.

Not sure how the algorithm works, tho.

Adding my .02 here as a Roon and tidal user. Last night a great pandora station was playing at my friends house as we hung out there. I want to throw that station on today but pandora doesn’t easily fit my hardware/config for home audio. I could play it on my phone and through a btooth speaker and probably will.

It may be worth polling your user base on usage across other third party services, particularly in the radio realm where I feel Roon can improve. I also use Roon radio which I love and it’s fine for me but consider the opportunity that there might be to bring a bigger market into Roon if you were to integrate w some widely used services like Pandora and other radio/satellite stations.

This post assumes the folks at Roon haven’t yet considered/pursued integration opportunities like pandora or the like yet. It’s very possible there’s a good reason pandora or other services like it haven’t been integrated yet and I’m blind to it as I’m not active on these forums.

I agree that supporting third party service like Pandora or Spotify would be nice. I recently converted my library from a Logitech Squeezebox server to Roon. Squeezebox did support these services and at times I miss them. What it required was the ability to setup sign in credentials in the server so that the application could access the remote account using those credentials. I can’t imagine it would be a difficult enhancement.

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