Will Roon playlist break if I switch Qobuz account

Hello all.

I’m about to change Qobuz accounts and was wondering if my Roon playlists will remain as-is or are roon playlists pointing to Qobuz tracks for my current account?

My goal is to ensure that the Roon playlists (which contain Qobu tracks) continue to work, albeit with a different Qobuz account.


I’ve never switched Qobuz accounts like this myself, so I’m not 100% sure. But in case the tracks don’t get preserved you can use Soundiiz to transfer your library to your new Qobuz account. Just export everything you want before your original Qobuz account expires, import it into Soundiiz, and then sync that to your new Qobuz account. I can’t say for sure your playlists would be completely intact, but at least you will have your old tracks.