Will Roon scan sub-folders that are inside watched folders?

After digging through the (amazing) community posts I’m still only 85% sure I know the answer so,

will Roon scan folders that are inside scanned folders? eg I have a drive attached to the NUC’s USB-C. That drive has a folder with music, some folders have folders, per the screen shot.
Do I have to manually move everything out of folders to be scanned?

Hi John
Yes it will scan everything below the Music folder and use the metadata to help populate the database. I have folders Like Google, Amazon and Apple my shamefully large collection of MP3 files.

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Nothing to be ashamed of at all. Just audiophile snobbery.


Down to under 20% of my library.
It’s the years of Emusic downloads that get me, as some can be 160kb and they are just bad. I can mostly listen to 256KB and 320KB is great.
Slowly replacing the bad one’s