Will Roon support the Apple Vision Pro?

Seeing as it appears that an app has to opt out of running on the Apple Vision Pro, will Roon be available?

I have a 3D room planned around my stereo and running the Roon app would be the centerpiece.

Probably supports it already. What will you be doing with it?

All 2D apps should support it right away but some companies are opting out, for unknown reasons.

I’m building a virtual house inside my house. Since I will be able to anchor windows, and the Vision Pro headset knows where it is, I’ll have:

Windows for work in my office
Windows related to books in my library
Windows for streaming music around my stereo
Windows for sheet music around my piano
Windows for recipes in the kitchen

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Oh that’s cool. Can you make a video of this?

Will do! I managed to get one at today’s preorder.

I’m excited. It’s going to take me a while to get my virtual world configured.
I hope there is an easy way to capture a video of what I am experiencing.

Here is a video that shows you a guided tour of Vision Pro.

The native Roon remote app works fine on the AVP as a remote and as an end point. I haven’t really played with it much with yet. The built in speakers are okay, but a little quiet. The AirPods Pro 2 with USB, sound half decent. And, apparently, they are lossless (but only if paired with the AVP).

You have to turn off Spatial Audio to keep the music balanced in both ears when you move your head around.

I just got my Vision Pro yesterday.

It is amazing.

Let me try to install the Roon app.

Yep, here is a screenshot! Way cool.

The window will stay anchored here.

Excuse any blurriness, the text is rendered sharper where I am looking.


Thanks for posting this. I have been using mine all weekend and ran Roon off my macbook but didn’t think about downloading the app. Roon could really make this cool with a few of their own Immersive environments.


I downloaded the app during my lunch break. One odd thing is when I went to select my audio source, the correct choice was ipad. The sound was just ok. Probably better to use headphones through my DAC. I like the convenience of having the client software though.

Was that your only choice?

I could see all of my choices, including the DAC on my stereo, and the two ELAC speakers I have in two bedrooms.

The Vision Pro app seems to function as expected.
It’s great to read album information and search for new music on a big screen while sitting on the couch.

Oh, if you place windows around your house, do not press the Recenter option. I think that is two presses on the digital crown. That will mess up all of your windows.

I was in a bit of a hurry but I will go back into the settings for sources to see if it shows up. Come to think of it, I usually “enable” the source to make it available but I didn’t have to do it after downloading the app. The ipad was already on the list and I got sound through the AVP after selecting it.