Will Skull Canyon NUC be Rock Ready?

Just thought I’d share an update I got from Akasa:
" A finalised fanless case for the Intel Skull Canyon has been developed and will be arriving to our UK warehouse very soon."

Akasa for Skull Canyon

Its coming, end of April is the update from akasa…

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That’s pretty cool looking. And just when I’d convinced myself an i5 would do the job.

How can ROCK Rock without a cool case like this one?

I’m not sure that case would pass the “wife test”.


Unless she is a Star Wars fan. :wink:

There are some advantages to a single lifestyle.

But, even then… it will be relegated to a dark corner.

So it seems from Danny’s updated ROCK info page, that Skull Canyon is definitively not supported, correct?

(Disclaimer, I have one but I absolutely didn’t expect to use ROCK on it. So this is not a complaint. :wink:)

Just speculating, but since the release version of ROCK appears to support Thunderblt, what is there about the Skull Canyon NUC that wouldn’t work with ROCK?

With luck, @danny will make a pronouncement at some point.

I hope it supports thunderbolt :slight_smile: it’s not being easy to test with a variety of gear. I wouldn’t bet on it for now.

@danny What kernel version are you guys testing with? :slight_smile:
Is this LFS or a spin from a distribution?

LFS, currently on 4.9.x LTS

I plan on writing a blog post or something explaining what we did to make this thing very very very hard to mess up.

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I’ve never had one in my hands to try, it’ll probably just work fine except the thunderbolt port, but that may work as well… try it out and let me know?

I would recommend to future buyers to buy the NUC7i7 instead of the NUC6i7 because the 7th gen is cooler.

Meaning its more ‘hip’ or doesn’t run as hot? :slight_smile:

as hot. the skull canyon is in a funny case too.

Isn’t 7th gen all 2-core? Or is that just a temporary production limitation?

I can’t just try it. It has to work. (Roon as “mission critical” app.) So I’ll have to sit it out and see whether other people get it to work, and whether Roon ends up indeed supporting it.

all NUCs except that skull canyon are dual core

Didn’t you say you had a Skull Canyon NUC? When the time comes, just back up whatever’s on there and install ROCK. C’mon, man, take one for the team. :smiling_imp:

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As soon as ROCK is available I’ll try it out on my Skull Canyon NUC (it currently runs Roon on Ubuntu Server).
If there is something missing I’ll be happy to share so team Roon can see if they can add it to the standard image.

You’re more awesome than me.

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