Will this NUC be able to run Roon?

Intel Pentium N3700
8GB Crucial Sodimm DDR3L memory
128GB SanDisk SSD
Intel HD Graphics
1gbps ethernet Port
Wireless AC-3165

Will be on wifi

Bluesound Node 2i

I was wondering if the NUC with the details posted above will be able to run Roon? I only use a blue sound Node 2i.
Am completely new to Roon as you might have guessed :slight_smile:


Should do as endpoint or controller but is below minimum requirements as Roon server. See also:


Would be really under spec compared to the roon recommended minimum of an i3. Single core speed is the key metric.

Also, wifi is not recommended for the Roon Core. After reading the woes chronicled on this site, I say follow this advice.

Don’t run a core on WiFi and Roon to a Node 2i via WiFi is problematic.
Wire both if you can.
The NUC will be maxed out, especially if running Roon on top of Windows. It will quite probably be an unsatisfactory experience. But the less you ask Roon to do (DSP, end point numbers etc) the chances are you may get a flavour of what Roon can do for the purposes of previewing it. But put quite simply, if you think Roon may be for you, get the minimum supported i3 hardware when you can.

Thanks for all the answers,

I will wait and get a better NUC that will run Roon better and use it wired. Now on the look out for a good NUC!

There are plenty second hand at good prices. Don’t go older than 5th generation. 7th or 8th is a sweet spot as these will be directly parallel with Roon’s Nucleus product. Or you can go new, 10th gen is supported, 11th is not yet supported.


If you are thinking of building a “Roon appliance”, then this article lists the supported NUC units for the Roon Optimised Core Kit:


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If you would consider used there are some good savings to be had.
eBay and the classifieds here are always a great place to find a nice deal.
I found mine on eBay at a fair saving over brand new pricing.
But as always…buyer beware and ymmv.
Good luck!