Will This Work for a large (350,000) library?

If I install ROCK?

Intel NUC8i7HVK1 HADES CANYON– i7-8809G – 32 GB RAM – 1TB SSD

Running any large library depends on many factors, but those specs should be more than enough.

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I don’t think that ROCK will enable the Thunderbolt ports on that. Something to keep in mind. If you need or were planning to use those ports, then Windows would work as well.

Thank you, that is very useful info. My media drives are in a Thunderbolt RAID tower. I can move them to a USB box instead.

we have been including thunderbolt support for years now, but it depends heavily on the chipset on both ends.

you will just have to try…


may be

may be not (and I have a 10th generation NUCi7 also with 32 GByte RAM and “just” 340.000 tracks :wink:): Roon on NUC10i7 with Rock (227) crashes immediately when playing any track


Is there a filename character limit in ROCK?

no limit in Roon. there is a limit imposed by your filesystem however, and that varies wildly based on your operating system / filesystem.

If I go down the ROCK road, the disk format will be exFAT—as far as I can tell, ROCK can’t read Mac OS Extended or APFS.

Not sure what Linux/ROCK has for limits.

Since I’ve named all my files using a Mac, there are all sorts of characters in the filenames, including quotes, ampersands, pound signs and question marks.