Will UltraRendu work with a USB to HDMI convertor?

So the DAC in question is the Matrix X Sabre Pro. I want to use DSD1024 and the only way is through the IIS input.

I’m assuming the IIS input is just a traditional HDMI cord?

Would there be any problem going from my Sonore Ultrarendu to the Matrix HDMI in by going

Ultrarendu > USB cable > USB to HDMI adapter > HDMI > Matrix X Pro DAC

Probably an obvious question but i wasnt sure if iin some way the ultrarendu only accepts USB into a DAC.


it looks like an HDMI connector and physically it is but its not using HDMI electrically - its I2S and what you are proposing will not work and might destroy the DAC I2S input and perhaps the UltraRendu too.

You need something like a Singxer SU1 or SU6 to get from USB to I2S

IIS Port

X-SABRE Pro is equipped with the most complete input ports of this series, in addition to optical, coaxial, AES/EBU, USB ports, we even added a IIS·LVDS input via a HDMI connector to differential transmit IIS signal, maximize the transmission performance of the IIS port, to make the data from the short-distance transmission between the chips into high-speed interconnection between the devices, get rid of the USB transmission or S/PDIF transmission re-encoding, and let the original digital audio stream directly into the D/A chip.

currently Roon won’t get to more than DSD512 upsampling

Okay awesome,

I was looking at the SU-6 and other DDCs that can turn usb into IIS but I wasn’t sure they support DSD1024? As far as I can tell they only seem to support DSD512?

I forgot to mention I’m using HQPLAYER with my Ultrarendu and HQPLAYER allows DSD1024 signals.

Most all USB DDCs are supported. DSD512 is very high through put. No idea about DSD1024 and no guarantee.

Hey @Jesus_Rodriguez So the SU-2 DDC supports DSD 1024. Hqplayer supports DSD1024. and my Matrix X Sabre DAC supports DSD 1024. Does the Ultrarendu have to support DSD 1024 for me to be able to stream at DSD1024. Okay… I’ll stop saying DSD 1024 before I go crazy! :smiley:

  • Jonathan

No idea about DSD1024 and no guarantee.