Win 10 Ethernet Bridge and Sonore ultraRendu


I’m not sure if its a Win 10 issue or the Sonore ultraRendu.

I’m running Win 10 Creator Ed on my Dell XPS 15. I’m also using a Thunderbolt 3 Dock that’s powered by a Paul Hynes SR7. I’ve got two ethernet connections that are bridged.

When I play a song, Roon reports the connection is too slow. I’ve read few posts on the web that Win10 bridged results in a slow connection. Has anyone here got this working?


No one has ever had issues with bridged Ethernet in Windows 10? I’ve confirmed the download speed is normal, but upload speed is down to only a few hundred bytes per second, hence the Roon message of hardware issue.

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Hello. I am having exactly the same issue. If I remove the bridge, everything works. Did you solve the issue?

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Ive got a Dell XP from 2009 running ROON bridge via USB 2 into several boxes; A McIntosh C47 PRE/PRO, or a Merdian II DAC/AMP. My ROON server is SGC’s I5 sonicTransporter. Im not having playout issues over 12 months using the old WIN10 / DELL computer.