Windows 10 Roon - Display auto on/off?

Well I’m getting nuts … I’ve been reading, searching and tinkering for several hours now and can’t find a solution for this simple problem. I can’t believe that I’m the only one trying to realise this …

Okay, I’m running my core on a NUC under Windows 10 and I was thinking that it should be powerfull enough to also display “now playing” information and/or the full remote … whatever.
Problem is that I want the NUC attached Display to sleep when not in use. Easy. Windows energy management. But how to wake the display up or keeping it alive when using my smartphone or tablet as remote?

IMHO this only makes sense when you have a keyboard/mouse connected to the NUC in which case you have a way to control/wakeup the display if needed. If you use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo you don’t have to use the smartphone or tablet as remote when you’re near the display and if not you don’t need the display to be on anyway.
Alternatively, don’t use sleep for the display; use the standby switch (power button) on the display instead. If the display is a TV you can even use the TV remote to switch the display on/off or switch inputs (TV|AUX|HDMI|PC) as needed. If your interested in the now playing information only you can also make use of the built-in display feature (web-display) and and leave the browser running full-screen.

I was thinking about using a touchscreen display attached to the core running the roon remote. … :thinking:

A PC can have a keyboard/mouse and a touchscreen. Also touchscreens usually have a power/standby switch. I use all the (display) combinations – depending on where my media player PC is located at a given moment. Display sleep time is turned off but the OS is set to “blank screen” when I lock the desktop. This works best for me but the PC is running Linux not Windows so I don’t know if you can setup your Windows the same.

The initial plan was to have control panel/ info display - combination. Whatever is needed at the moment.
So I don’t want any extra controls like mouse or keyboard.

If someone is standing in front of the display and is too lazy to use the smartphone, he/she can touch the Display to wake it up and then use the roon remote.

If someone is sitting on the sofa and uses the tablet or smartphone or logitech-remote (or what so ever) to control roon, I want the display to wake up automatically and show the ‘currently playing’ info …

Sorry even in my native language it’s hard to describe what I’m planning to realise … xD

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No I totally realize what you’re trying to describe.

After starting to play Room with your phone, tablet, you want the display to “auto start” without having to touch anything like keyboard, button or mouse.

This is especially important because often after I started playing Roon I put the phone down or leave the room but others still want to know what Roon keeps playing.

When Roon finally stops then the screen should turn off after a “timeout” period.

The web display cannot do this without user interaction.

I also cannot believe there is no solution as well.

Does Ropieee native support for Touchscreen have auto-off feature?