Windows 10 upgrade

Who’s going to take the plunge into Windows 10? I wonder if Roon will work seamlessly

@elt22 I did, and it works perfectly in my limited testing, streaming to two Meridian endpoints, MS600 and ID41, the only issue I had was with the Ethernet lan driver on the laptop which I had to reinstall, other than that Roon works just fine, the mapping to the NAS survived the upgrade and still connects when Roon starts automatically on boot up.


Ok that sounds good

Neither of you are worried about the inability to say “No” to updates?

I cannot have any system in which I do not control the updates applied to the environment in which I work. Neither at home nor at the office. Plus, I will not let myself be monetized by Microsoft as a ‘beta tester’, which is the wording used to describe users of “Home” and “Pro” versions, to sell the “stability” and “security” value add of 10 to Enterprise clients.

Hopefully, like the Xbox One fiasco before, if enough users and the public complain then Microsoft will step back from this horrible policy.

Windows 10 “Public release” is running fine on my Desktop & my Surface 3 Pro since installing it this morning.
And you can control automatic updates…

I’ve been using the “Insiders” version since it was released some months ago & have been very happy with it - so I’ve experience of the OS already. I was also very happy with Windows 8.1 and had no qualms about this update.

Each to their own !

P.S. for those desperate to force the update, go to and download the installation-media-creation-tool, run it and it will ask you if you want to update your machine or create update media.

I do have one issue.

Roon server running on Mac Mini. Remote running on (as of now) Windows 10 laptop. Previously with Windows 8.1 everything OK.

Since moving to Windows 10, the Roon remote hangs at the ‘Waiting for Remote Library’ screen. I can get things going by going into settings on the Roon Server (on the Mac Mini) and toggling the ‘Accept connections from remotes’ off then on again. The PC remote them moves forward again and works. I have to go through this every time I start up Roon, ie issue is repeatable.

Edit: Also I seem to be having trouble selecting the local PC output, despite enabling the output in settings on the PC, the only Zones displayed as options are the ones on the Mac Mini.




2nd Edit: after much reloading of audio drivers and also the LAN drivers, Roon remote now seems to work once more. I could ‘simulate’ the above issues by disconnecting wired Ethernet and the fall-back to wifi dropped the visibility to the local audio until I re launched Roon remote again.

Still slightly flakey but just about working once more….at one point the music continued to play despite Roon delivering a black screen saying that no music was playing!

Been running the last pre release of Windows 10 with Roon Core for about a month no without a hitch.

Been using Windows 10 for a while, everything works great and enjoy the new features. Although I would recommend most folks allow a grace period so other programs can catch up. For example, bitdefender although supporting Windows 10, has major problems with it not installing right now.

I updated yesterday. The only Roon-related issue I had was needing to update my graphics driver.

I have a Windows 10 machine here–Roon seems pretty happy with it. I’m not using it for my primary install (yet), but I don’t see any reason not to.

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Updating from 8.1 lost one of my 2 thunderbolt drive libraries. I’m importing the lost files now.

Roon is having issues with the final version of Windows 10 Home version. I find that it is importing duplicate tracks for titles and won’t stop this behavior having run all night. The computer is a new Asus G501 JW laptop with the latest Bios for Windows 10 and updated Windows 10 drivers.

I hope update 1.1 hits soon as I am abandoning Roon for reviewing purposes at this time. It just won’t stop duplicating tracks.

Installed Windows 10 Home on my Dell XPS 15/Win 8.1/64 Wednesday. Imported 1TB of music, no issues whatsoever with duplicates.

Did you uncheck (No) the flag “Show hidden tracks and albums” as well as Yes to “Clean up duplicates …”?

Yes Lars, I did try your suggestions. It didn’t work.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Since I have installed Windows 10, Roon’s video scaling seems to be off. The whole window does not fit on the screen – I am unable to minimize, since I can’t view the minimizing feature in the upper right hand corner.

Not having this problem with other programs.

Any suggestions?

One could fudge it by breaking DNS lookups to the update services like so:

Add all the windows update servers in your system32\hosts file and point them to

here is the list:

@Mercman – I’m going to send you a PM so we can get some more information about your issue. Obviously something in your environment or install is causing issues that others on Windows 10 aren’t experiencing. Once we get some logs from your install, I’m sure we can figure out the issue, so stand by!

@steveoat87 – the issues you’re describing sound like video issues. Can you confirm what video card you’re using, and check whether updated video drivers are available for Windows 10?

Using NVidia GeoForce Maxwell, using windows 10 driver

Just fixed it using F11.



I was able to fix my problem with Roon installing duplicate tracks for titles. I had to uninstall Roon and its settings and start a new installation. Everything is working properly now. It appears that Windows 10 updates from 8.1 might require a new install for some of your folks.