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I ripped my entire CD library to my PC. In the process, the dbpoweramp cd ripper stuck the contents in folders which appear to be named in a variety of ways. Oftentimes, the folder name is, for example, the conductor of the orchestra, rather than the composer.

In any case, I’d like to organize my music on the PC according to composer, no matter who the conductor of the orchestra was. My question is about how Roon organizes the various listings by which it displays your content: does it strictly look for metadata and ignore folder names? If that’s the case, then I should be able to organize my music on my PC in any fashion that makes sense to me, and Roon will pick up the appropriate categories through the metadata.

Is this assumption correct?


Yes (mostly).
Roon needs to be able to correctly identify your library content to match it up with the online metadata.

Before you start importing your library:

If you get unexpected results after importing your files:
FAQ: How can I tell if Roon has identified my album?
FAQ: An album I imported wasn’t identified properly, how do I fix it?
Editing and Grooming Your Collection

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Hi @Day_Radebaugh,

I definitely recommend checking out the links that BlackJack shared above. There is some great information in those articles that you will find helpful.

Folder structure is taken into account, especially with Box Sets, but generally the metadata seen will be from our metadata provider. You can make adjustments to this by modifying your Import Settings as well.

If you have any questions while doing this please let us know!

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I noted the conventions for naming multi-disc sets, which I suppose is good practice for all albums whatsoever, whether part of a set or not. I will begin to apply those suggestions.

A further question: suppose I have several multi-disc sets of Beethoven symphonies (which I do). Could I then collect all of my Beethoven in a higher-level folder (Beethoven) so that I could manage this with File Explorer, and then name the folders within it according to:

Thanks again.

As already stated, Roon is generally not interested in your folder structure.
So yes, you can do it that way if that makes sense for you.