Windows or ROCK on NUC?

My first post here. I have just assembled a NUC 7i, installed ROCK and it`s now up and running in my Linn system. Neat. However, I would really like to connect the NUC to my TV by HDMI and thereby make it possible to browse music on my TV screen. Is this only possible if I install Windows as OS on the NUC instead of ROCK? (I hope I have posten this in the right part of the forum…).

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Yes it is impossible with ROCK.

Think of it this way: would you rather be able to connect your refrigerator to your TV, or would you rather not worry about how much coolant is in your fridge’s system ?

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You can browse your music on your Roon control device. I use a Dell XPS 15 laptop most of the time. I suppose it might be possible to cast the image to a TV screen.

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ROCK is a server only with no GUI and completely closed, so you cannot load other software onto it.

Even if you load Windows, RoonServer has no GUI. So you would also have to run Roon in client mode to get the Roon GUI.

I do use what you are trying to do on a daily basis however. I have a RoonCore setup in another room running RoonServer. Then, I have an HTPC NUC, which is connected to my TV. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse from my recliner to control the HTPC.

That way I can browse the internet, connect to my office at work if I am home, and, of course, run Roon on the large TV. Here I just took a pic from my chair.