Winter is coming an imaginary game of thrones soundtrack\ TROLL

This showed up as a suggested soundtrack for me. There is some nasty hateful music on this towards the end, the opening songs are great but misleading. If you don’t want negative ugly music in your house don’t get sucked in. IE Behemoth song Messe Noir. :poop:I am all for free music and speech but I also do t want to hear this garbage. Hmm

Hi Robert,

Was it explicit language that concerned you ? If so, did the soundtrack have an appropriate Explicit warning ?

Is there anything you would like to see Roon do differently in this regard ?

Where did it “show up” for you?

Thanks for the replies, yes the language is disturbing. Not sure about explicit since there are no “swear” words. And there is no warning, but I don’t care about that.
Just a note to other music listeners- call it a review of the playlist if you like. Are these playlists submitted by Room subscribers?
It showed up under ‘soundtracks’.

Playlists are not created by Roon subscribers. If it was in a Tidal Playlist then it was created at Tidal.

It’s a Tidal Playlist. The track in question is “Messe Noir” (perhaps the clue is in the name?) taken from a Behemoth album (The Satanist). Behemoth is “considered to be one of the leading death metal bands to emerge from Poland in the 1990s”. Clearly not for some…

“One of…”?

Just how many were there?

Not being a fan of death metal bands (Mozart is more my style), I really couldn’t say :no_mouth: That quote is provided courtesy of Greg Prato’s Behemoth biography via Tidal’s/Roon’s metadata provider…

This looks like a good place to start… :wink: