Wipe out Roon Rock database and login data

Simple question (I hope…) here:

Upgraded my NUC to a Nucleus (yeahhhh!).
Now selling the former and want to wipe out the database and my roon account login data.
Want to leave the NUC with ROCK installed but not my data.

What do I need to do?


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No matter what else you do, you should probably change your Roon password, also.

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Maybe overkill, but I would a) reformat the drive and b) load ROCK.

Thanks for the suggestions, both would work, but what I am looking for is a solution to simply wipe out the database and login info on this machine, not wipe out ROCK.
Any info on that? Is it possible by accessing the DATA folder remotely and deleting a specific subfolder(s)?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Go to the ROCK web interface
  2. Click on the “Reset” button under “Roon Database and Settings”

This will reformat the partition which holds your database as well as any other configuration information that is unique to your setup.

Many thanks, that’s exactly what I needed!