Wired multi room. What hardware?

Hi folks

I’ve got speakers wired around the house to 8 stereo zones, and all speaker cables come out into the lounge.

I want to use Roon to have independent playback in each zone. And, to group 3-4 zones in party mode every now and again for synced playback.

I was originally considering a Sonos Connect Amp per zone and stacking them on top of each other in the control cupboard. But seems a bit expensive and Sonos playback doesn’t seem to slick with Roon.

Does anyone have any suggestions for RoonReady multi-room wired hardware?

You can use Raspberry Pi’s with Allo.com Boss DAC + Volt AMP HATS’s.
It will set you back about $125 per zone + power supplies.
Use RoPieee for maintenance free operation.

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IQAudIO digiAMP+ hat will also do the job, as would some other options for Raspberry Pi’s

BlueSound might have some options too but are more expensive than the Pi options.

I personally like the IQAudio DigiAMP+ option and run several around my house driving bookshelf speakers with good effect.

OS of choice for me is www.Ropieee.org or dietpi

Thanks. Do you have a DAC in that setup?

Would this bundle do the job?

Thanks, that looks good.

I’m guessing this enclosure would do nicely?

Would be nice if they had a Plug and Play module like below, but with a Volt amp in it.

Plug n Play

Hi @Tobin_Harris yes thats the bundle (the IQAudIO one) I use for 2 of my setups…I also use one with the LCD for my bedroom.

I did build one other with a LMS power supply and metal chassis but thats a good deal of DIY if you are for that kind of effort.

Just add speakers are you on the way to some sounds with Roon.

Below is a setup with dietpi and wifi supported…ropieee doesnt do wifi yet.

here is a better final unit that I run from time to time

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I also have the all black case.

I seem to recall that someone in these forums built a multi-RPi+Amp HAT into an enclosure for just this purpose - powering multiple passive stereo speakers from a central point. A DIY job, but it looked very professional from the photos. Can’t find that thread at the moment - it was some time ago…

Ah thanks Geoff.

I think I found it - think it’s this one?

Beast RiPi multi room amp

Yep - that’s the one!