Wired/Wireless Connection of the Core

Alright, so I took the advice to make sure I aways had a WIRED Ethernet connection to my Dell computer that is running the Core and…I can no longer my Remote (on my phone) because I “must connect wirelessly to the same wireless connection used for the Core.” ??? Help!!!*!?
How is this remedied? This may have been answered many times before, but…who can provide some simple relief? It was working perfectly when both were wirelessly connected. I thought I was doing a good thing! Lost functionality.

Here’s the instructions:

How, then, do you use your wireless controller (i.e., phone app)???

Let me be clear: my library is stored on my computer; my computer now is connected via Ethernet, with the wireless turned off. If I turn it on, won’t it then be connected “via WiFi,” which is what is recommended to NOT do? How, then, is the “wireless connection from your remote device to your Core” even possible???

As far as the OS is concerned, Ethernet takes precedence over WiFi.

The suggestion to use Ethernet is (mostly) about connecting to endpoints. Do you have networked endpoints or do your connect your DAC directly to the Core machine? Doesn’t really matter.

Leave your Core machine and any networked endpoints on Ethernet.

Turn WiFi back on to connect to remote.

The PC just needs to be have a wired connection which then goes to your router, the box that your internet connection comes into to. The router should also be the source of your wireless and it is in the router that the route between the wired and wireless networks is made.
The PC gets a network address from the wired part of the router and the wireless devices also get network addresses from the router.
When the wirelessly connected phone wants to connect to the wired PC it asks the router to route the connection to it.

What might be happening is that the wired and wireless sides are getting different addresses and roon needs them to be all in one set.

Thank you, all; it is working now and sounds FANTASTIC. And…I haven’t even added the Topping DAC to it yet.


Topping D10?

I took delivery of a D70 this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

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