Wireless Roon Headphone Station?

Looks good, but how to send Roon to it wirelessly?

Probably lots of options for an end point with optical or usb out like Raspberry PI or even a used 3rd gen apple TV for cheap on ebay which has air play roon endpoint and comes with usb optical and hdmi outputs.

Raspberry Pi to Meridian Explorer2 working great for me. Can be easily tucked away and sounds great.

Your photo to a decent amp-dac will give you a lot of flexibility to move inside your place.
The Clear are not power hungry, they really can take advantage of a good source/DAC/amp though.

Mojo, Ifi Audio, Dragonfly… you can even grab an LG V series phone to be fully separated.
If you have space to settle some gears, a Rasperry with a good DAC/Amp will do wonder.

I personally use the Jotunheim hooked up to the Rock on Intel NUC, that works great with my Clear.

I use a node 2i feeding a digital out to a mojo which acts as dac and a trilogy 931 amp with focal clears. the digital stream is clean and easy to use but the analog out is noticeably inferior to streaming the digital signal out to a outboard dac and headphone amp… provides a nice upgrade path

I use an iPad. Need one anyway for the UI.
So I can plug a DAC into it, anything from a $200 Dragonfly to a $2,700 Hugo 2. Or an Audeze Cipher cable/DAC dongle.

I use an Oppo HA-2 headphone amp plugged into my iPhone or iPad. The iDevice is the endpoint and the Oppo pulls the signal and processes it for the headphones. You can still find the Oppo units readily available on eBay for under $300. I have been quite happy with this solution.

Get a quad-dac LG phone like the L35, refurbished or new unlocked, without a plan. It’s a perfect wifi Roon endpoint and will drive your Clear beautifully. Or you could use it just as a DAC with another headphone amplifier of your choice.
It’s an endpoint and also a controller for the endpoint rolled into one. With an SD card you can also load your music on it and cut out your network entirely if you like. Really it’s unbeatable for the price.

Most A&K DAPs have A&K Connect software installed which will stream wirelessly from wherever you keep your music, over your home network. It’s the same functionality as the Mojo/Poly solution, with the added advantage that you can use it on the bus to work as well. I use a AK70 mkII for this and it’s easy peasy.

Chord Mojo/Poly. You’ll never, ever, look back, it’s now perfect with Roon.

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Must admit I have been looking at the Mojo the last couple of day after Chord announced a couple of days ago they are discounting the price of the Mojo by a whopping 25% (for a limited period only) they say.

I was thinking of combining the Mojo with a chromecast audio for my Roon endpoint and powering the Chromecast via a inexpensive 5v battery bank the sort you get for charging up your mobile phone. It would be very handy not to have to be teathered to a plug while in the house and make a nice match for running my Oppo PM3’s without having to plug into my main system while still having the benifit of using Roon library via my phone or ipad. When having a hunt online sure enough it was easy to find a few other Mojo users doing the same.

As a side the Roon app on my Pocophone f1 phone is excellent.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge - one for all, nearly perfect, but more than 1000…

Yes I was using a CCA into the mojo for some time via a variety of optical leads but when I made the leap to the poly it was transformative, not only stunning audio and higher than 96 kHz capabilty but not messing any more with cables, power leads etc made for a huge improvement in the experience, and it’s easy to plug into the amp as a source into my speakers system where the quality is great. S

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Thanks for the feed back on the Poly its always good to hear that making the investment in a component like the Poly does result in a nice improvement in sonics.

I have a reasonably competent headphone set up already, but it would also be handy to have an inexpensive mobile Roon option for around the house or in the garden (new dual channel router is amazing). So only really only toying with the Mojo idea for just for chilling out to when the lounge where my main system lives is in use by wife and kids.

For only occasional use compared to $500 for the Chord Poly going the $25 CCA route is an attractive option. Now if Chord were to discount the Poly by 25% as well I would certainly be giving it some serious consideration.