Wish list and features request

Hi all,
I found Roon is the future on how storing, collecting, listening and watching music. I’m already an Audirvana + user but Roon is 10 years above and beyond.
I’d like to see more multimedia features in the Roon program.
I like how Roon shows covers on my Nvidia Shield but I’d like to have more rich animated slideshows, or description of the song I’m playing.
I think that streaming animated graphics on tv would be nice, a sort of storytelling about the song or music we are listening.

Also a room correction it would be nice also paying for a plugin integrated with the Roon gui. Please, call Sonarworks developers and ask them how to implement their software architecture.

I’d like to have an option to switch from swipe left-right to swipe top-bottom album covers surfing.

What about zoom of album covers? I haven’t found yet how to enlarge reduce albums grid.
2 steps of zoom aren’t enough.

Parametric EQ associated to tracks. I’d like to associate a particular eq setting to a track. Also I’d like to save this setting.

Parametric eq directly access from the main play bar. I’d like to have an icon aways visible when the track is playing. I could switch between various eq settings while the track is playing.

Names of eq presets visible when editing the eq curves. At the moment when editing eq parameters there is no reference to the selected preset.