Wish list for upcoming Roon versions

Would it not be a good idea to ask the end users if they have some suggestions for making Roon even better? Maybe a “suggestions accepted” or something like that?

My first suggestion for the next Roon will be:

A button on the menu to the left for adding/finding Radio Stations (like iTunes has it, or even the possibility of importing my favorit Radio Stations I have gathered through the years from my iTunes library)

Best KnockKnock

Make the Volume button Hoverable, instead of having to click it.

Add “Genre” support to TIDAL integration - I’m really only interested in Classical and Jazz, so wading through pages of Pop / Rock / Rap music in the new releases section is not very productive for me.

Yes, this is very important.

Also, would love more information about the artists on a particular jazz album, which is usually only listed by the main person on the album (i.e., who played drums, bass, guitar, etc.).

Can I suggest having a separate “category” on the main forum page for feature requests? Seems that they’re a bit all over the place at the moment, and would be good to have one place to keep them all together.

Could use a remote. Would be fun if the Mac remote (from old iMacs, it still works on new iMacs, even if they don´t sell it together with the Mac anymore) could switch to next/previous track, pause and play.
Maybe this will be needless when the RoocApp arrives though

I would love to be able to import Playlists from my iTunes library

Radio stations, like in iTunes

Focus on any tag in the library that has a value (… select field to Focus on)

Third party plug in support Star ratings a-la iTunes and J River at the individual track level

Up/down format conversion (a setup setting)

Add user defined genres to the genre lists (e.g., I have “Country - Male”) …when you import files add genres in the original file to the user’s database

Import playlists from iTunes or J River

iTunes playlist import is covered here and you can expect additional playlist import functions to be released soon!

Meridian IR remotes work right now, and we’re hoping for similar compatibility as additional hardware collaborations are released.

Expect this in a future release.

We’ve heard this request a few times, and while I don’t have anything concrete to announce, we’re discussing it internally and absolutely appreciate that this is important to some users.

Brian’s post here touched on some of the issues related to user defined genres.

Expect more flexibility here soon, but Brian’s post is worth a read, as it will give you some background on why we’re proceeding with caution in this area.

Can you elaborate on what you’re looking for here?

Thanks guys, keep the suggestions coming in our Feature Requests category!

Radio Stations, like in iTunes. I can listen to local radio, or radio from all over the world, podcast and stuff

Ok, wasn’t sure if this was like “Pandora Radio” or “iTunes Radio”, which is more like playlist generation, ie “play more songs like this”, as opposed to streaming internet radio, like BBC, NPR, etc.

In regards to the latter, we are actually hoping to release TuneIn support soon, but if you’re interested in this functionality, make sure to let them know too!

Mike – thoughtful responses, as I’d expect from such a thoughtful product.

On the genres point, including Brian’s post. Maybe you’re making it too complex (or maybe, like with my first or second pass of my old Donald Knuth texts, I don’t see the issue!) … my central thoughts are two:

(1) Allow the user to Focus on any field with data, and allow user defined/populated fields to be used as part of that. So, I could Focus on your genre assignments, or, the genre assignments in the user defined tags. ( “User defined Genre” and “Roon defined Genre” would be two distinct fields, which would greatly simplify things at your end.)

  1. Just add to the Genre listing the user genre tags. Sure, they don’t have the richness, but if you give up the requirement to map cleanly it would work. If I pull up Willie Nelson I’d see my “Country - Male” and if I clicked on that I’d go to my other “Country - Male” items. Not sure why it needs to map to your genres (which allows you to keep the clean heirarchy of your schema). Alternatively, think of “User Genre” as different than “Roon Genre” If that doesn’t work, maybe you could provide an example where it would fail?


Both of the things you propose are already in our menu of options for how to handle this. I am leaning towards your first option, but nothing is final yet.

I don’t like the idea of integrating ambiguous taxonomies. In the pre-Roon universe, genres aren’t hierarchical. The most accurate and clean way to incorporate that data is to stay true to its nature–genres are strings attached to tracks. If we capture + manage the data that way, we will not risk losing information.

In our experience, the “genre” tag on real-world music collections is full of junk and only the people who groom metadata carefully have consistently clean tags (i.e. not the majority). This will probably prompt us to put this functionality behind a setting that’s off by default. People with clean pre-existing content can turn it on, and others will only see Roon’s hierarchical genre system.

We might have to play a trick with terminology to avoid product-level confusion, too. I hate “roon genre” vs “user genre”.

I too hate “Roon Genre” vs "User Genre :smile:

All my genre information is at the track level, but I only recently cleaned mine up (groomed) so I appreciate that for most people it is way way down on the priority list.

Over time I will likely come to prefer your Genre labels, as they are very good and in many ways better than my groomed set …

I do have a taxonomy that allows me to tag on “audiophile quality” (e.g. I add “audiophile” to genre, so, I have “Country”, “Country - Male”, “Country - Audiophile”, and “Country - Male - Audiophile”. That allows me to easily find great recordings (sometimes only one track on an album has amazing sound, sometimes none, sometimes most, so it’s a track level thing not a bit rate thing) I can easily accomplish that with playlists, so all is good.

Or tags! :smile:

In iTunes I have thousands of large pictures of bands and artists in the album artwork pages of individual songs
iTunes displays the artwork in full on the computer screen taking up half the screen to do so
Track 1 picture is always the album and that is displayed in album view
Would like to see Roon allow this to happen
I know that when iTunes was imported into Roon those pictures came too because a lot of the artwork in roon contained pictures I had instead of the correct album artwork that needed editing to correct

Hi Mike
Yes I meant to be able to play radio stations, like lokal or National radio from all over the world, via the web ;=)

Best Regards
KnockKnock :smile:

I just found loads of nice songs which I “Added To Que”, so I could listen to them while searching for new music… All these many hours was lost when I by accident hit the “Play Now” button, arrrrrghhhhh.
I know now that I have to put them in a Playlist, but maybe a small “Warning - You are about to delete all the songs in the Cue” would be appropriate?

Best Regards Mit freundlichen Grüssen KnockKnock :smile:

Go the Roon Menu…and then History

This will show you all the Tracks played…which can then be selected and added to a Playlist